Eclectic competitions determine the score of a player using best score per hole for the duration of the event


  1. Create
  2. Apply Settings
  3. Select Member Categories
  4. Add Members
  1. Add Competitions
  2. Recalculate
  3. Lock Handicaps
  4. Make Inactive


  1. Reports
  2. Leaderboard - Member
  3. Leaderboard - Mobile
  4. Leaderboard - Clubhouse Display


Create Eclectic

Select Competitions --> Eclectic


Next click on 'create new'


 Apply Eclectic Settings:

  • Eclectic Name - Will appear on leaderboards and results
  • Short Description (optional)
  • Start Time and End Time - Only competitions within the date range will be included in the eclectic
  • Nett Percent used to calculate score - Deducts a percentage of the handicap from the Gross Score. Common settings:
    • Men 75%
    • Ladies 50%
    • Gross 0%
  • Golf Course - The tee block of the holes that are used for scoring.  Generally GA Course
    • Eclectic can be used when temporary courses are in play.  Only the holes on the GA course will be updated ie If the 3rd hole normally a Par 4 is replaced by the 19th a Par 3, the scoring from the 19th hole will not update on the 3rd hole.
  • Grade Separations - Are created and managed in the edit competition screen
  • Gender
  • Slope Rating - Applies a slope rating to the GA Handicap, often the predominant course used for the season


 Select Membership Categories

Only player names from the selected categories will be included in the player selection screen.  If a member transfers to an unselected category during the season the members' eclectic score will not update


Adding members to Eclectic


  • Select member names(hold down ctrl to select multiple members or select first name and hold shift and select last name to select all).

  • Click >> to move members from 'not selected' to 'selected'.

  • Select 'Save'


Add Competitions

On edit or setup of competition tick the required eclectic



Eclectic scores update shortly after a competition is CLOSED


Use the Recalculate button when a CLOSED competition has been added to the eclectic after the competition date.

ie A round from two weeks ago wasn't ticked to be included in the eclectic

  • Re-open the competition
  • Select Eclectic and Submit Competition
  • CLOSE Competition
  • Recalculate Eclectic

Lock Handicaps

Select Lock Handicaps to stop the handicap updating during the competition duration.  Please note any update to the eclectic settings will unlock handicaps.
When should handicaps be locked
Beginning of eclectic - handicaps will be locked on first scheduled round of each player
Last month of eclectic
Last Day of eclectic

Make Inactive
Making an eclectic inactive will stop the handicaps from updating


Leaderboard view

View Eclectic Leaderboard


PDF Format View


Show on Clubhouse Display


Mobile View


 Question: A player has a hole-in-one score in eclectic but should have been a 4.

Solution: Removing incorrect scores recorded from a closed competition for member round showing in eclectic scores
  1. Correct the member hole-by-hole score
  2. Remove the member from the eclectic
  3. Recalculate
  4. Add member into the eclectic
  5. Recalculate

Question: I have included the eclectic on the wrong competition?

Solution: Removing a wrong competition added to eclectic
  1. Untick the eclectic box in the competition
  2. Remove all members from eclectic
  3. Recalculate
  4. Add all members to eclectic
  5. Recalculate

Question: Will scores on temporary holes be included in the eclectic

Solution: A temporary course is in use for a few weeks, will the shortened holes be excluded from the eclectic

Yes the system will only update holes on the course selected for the eclectic.
Eclectic setup on GA Course holes 1-18
Temporary Course has holes 3 and 4 shortened and named 3S and 4S.  For the duration the competitions use the temporary course all holes except 3 and 4 will update

 Question: Can nine hole competitions be used for eclectic

Solution: Including front nine and back nine competitions in eclectic

Yes all singles events can be included in the eclectic.  Holes 1 to 9 and 10 to 18 will update eclectic scores.

Question:  What competitions can be included in eclectic?

Solution List the competitions scores can be updated for eclectic

Any competition recorded for singles events scores on singles cards can be used for eclectic
Par, Stableford, Stroke,  Aggregate, Irish
Excluded 4BBB events on 4BBB printed cards, Foursomes, Ambrose