Golf Autoscore, MiScore and Member entry will only calculate scores for handicapping in 4BBB comps when specific four-ball cards and/or four ball entry screens are used.

Handicapping of a 4BBB event using singles card and/or singles entry will not correctly calculate scores for handicapping.  An in-conjunction singles event should be sent for handicapping if both players are completing all holes. 

Singles cards can still be used for 4BBB entry but to handicap requires manual calculation of each card and player with ad-hoc score entry for qualifying scores.

The guidelines for handicapping of 4BBB from Golf Australia detailed below were part of the Slope handicapping roll-out in Jan 2014.


Note: The GA Handicap System’s four-ball handicapping regulations ONLY apply to stand-alone four-ball competitions. Where a four-ball competition is played in conjunction with a singles competition, the scores need to be handicapped as follows:

• The singles scores are handicapped in accordance with the regular procedure for handicapping singles competitions.

• The four-ball scores are NOT used for handicapping purposes.

Summary of the New Four-ball Handicapping Regulations

The score of an individual player competing in a four-ball event SHOULD be used for handicapping if they meet the following criteria:

  • The pair the player played in had at least 6 better than the Scratch Rating (note: DSRs will not be calculated for four-ball events).
  • The individual is at least 9 times on card.
  • The extended individual score must see the player playing to their Daily Handicap for that round or better.
  • Procedure for creating an individual score for player whose four-ball result is to be used for handicapping:
    Missing holes for ALL levels of handicap attributed 1½ points. (Exception: When a player’s score is not recorded on the four-ball card, and their partner’s score is 1 Stableford point, the player is given 1 Stableford point.)
  • When both players have 0 Stableford points on a hole, they are both considered to have their score listed on the score card, including for the purposes of ‘being on the card 9 times or more’. For the purposes of creating an adjusted individual score card, each player will have 0 points listed on the individual card for this hole.
    ie Player A contribrutes eight scores on the card but both player A & B have zero points on a hole.  That hole is then deemed to contribute to both players. Player A then satisfies the minimum nine scores to be considered for handicapping


Please note team scores must be six points and above the course Scratch Rating to qualify for handicapping of individual scores.


  • Scratch 73 - Par 72 - Qualifying Scores 41+
  • Scratch 72 - Par 72 - Qualifying Scores 42+
  • Scratch 71 - Par 72 - Qualifying Scores 43+