Introduction to The Social Golf Club

Creating a Social Group Member

A social group member is setup by selecting Directory → Create Member.


Fill in all details of the member making sure the correct membership number and username allocation convention is used (Club acronym + Member number).


Creating a Club Captain

The captain's account of a social group is setup in a very similar way to a standard social group member except for the security roles that are assigned to the account. Setup the captain account as per the standard member setup procedure except set the member number and username as the acronym of the social group with 'captain' added on the end. Eg. The captain of the MiClub Social Group may be given the member number 'MSGCaptain'.

The captain account then needs to be given Bookings Read Only and Social Golf Administrator security rights. This can be done by selecting System → Security Roles. Once in this section search for the captain account in the area provided and check the boxes next to the required roles.


Booking Rule Setup

The booking rule configuration area can be found by selecting the Booking Rules option from the fixture list page. This area will display the already existing booking rules which can be edited by selecting the pencil icon and will also allow new rules to be created by selecting Add Rule.

In creating a new rule you will need to enter a title for the rule and select a rule colour. These two fields are extremely important so ensure you name the rule after the social group it applies to and select a different colour for each group. The Auto end section sets the amount of days before the event the rule will no longer apply, for example if the event was on Sunday and you wanted the rule to be removed on the Sunday before you would enter 7 days prior at    :   

The Gender Restriction section will not be applicable to The Social Golf Club so leave this as All.

The Membership Type Restrictions is the most important section, this links the captains account to the booking rule and allows the members of that social group to book into the time allocated by the captain. From the list of social group only check the box for the social group the rule is being set for.

The Member Handicap Restrictions, Visitor Handicap Restrictions and Age Restrictions sections can be left blank. Once the rule have all requirements fulfilled select Save to finalise the setup.

The new booking rule will now appear in the list of booking rules.


Social group captains reserve tee times for their social group by logging in under their captain account and selecting the event they want to reserve tee times for which are marked as Captain Access.

Once in the timesheet the captain can then select the tee times they want to reserve by clicking in the area near the tee time (see below). Once successfully selected the social groups colour will appear in the top right of the box and the social club name will also appear under the tee time selected. Failure of both these items appearing means the tee time has not been successfully selected.


How Social Group Members Make Bookings

A social group member will have the ability to book into tee times which have been reserved by their club captain. The social group member will only obtain access to an event once the event status is set to 'Member Access'. When an event is set to 'Member Access' all members of social groups who have tee times reserved

Once in the timesheet the member can either select 'Book Me' to book just themselves or select 'Book Group' to book themselves and others in their social group.


If the 'Book Group' option is selected the player will then be able to add additional players to their group. NOTE: Only players within their social group will be able to be added. These additional players can be added via the search boxes.


Once all required players in the group have been entered select 'Confirm Booking' to finalise the booking.