To be able to print scorecards (either Autoscore or MiScore) from an Apple Mac terminal the following setup instructions must be done. \

Ver 1.0 Released: 27th August 2015

Download the installation instructions here


Download the file from the following address

Unzip the file and place the GASPrint folder under the Users/ home account directory (in which case will be usually the name of the club or users name)

Enter the folder and Right click on the GASPrint file and copy and move it to the desktop

Run the GASPrint executable (this will place a P in the top menu header)

Note: The java log file screen will running in the background (do not close this screen)


To automatically run the print app on logon:

Click the Apple menu in the top left corner, and open System Preferences. Under the System header, click on Users and Groups.

Find the Group or Profile you’d like to set apps to launch, then toggle Login Items. That screen will show a list of items that are already scheduled to launch when you log in.

Locate the GASPrint from the desktop and add it to the list and enable run on logon remembering to Save changes.

>Before testing the print check that you have Set the default printer correctly and the printer configuration is also been setup appropriately for the type of scorecard printing.

> Print from the teesheet or kiosk mode to test scorecard printing.