New features

  • New Add/Edit Competition Interface
  • New Check In Interface
  • Member Accounts on Mobile
  • Share Public Bookings on Social Media
  • Register Public Players Without an Email Address
  • Export Timesheet to Excel
New Add/Edit Competition Interface

The add/edit competition interface has been updated. The new interface logically builds a competition by completing competition details down the page instead of up and down and side to side. All existing options are still available to configure competitions with minor changes to the work flow.

A major change to the interface is dynamic selections for the 'Player(s)' and Competition Types options.  Changing the 'Player(s)' option will then limit the respective 'Competition Type'.

Also if the competition type selected cannot be sent for handicap to GOLF link the GOLF Link competition option will not be available.  Remember only Par, Stroke, Stableford and 4BBB events using 4BBB cards can be handicapped.  No team events can be sent to GOLF Link for handicap.

Selecting Player(s)

  • 1 for individual events (Stableford, Par, Net),
  • 2 for pairs events (Fourball, Foursomes, 2 Player Ambrose, etc) and
  • 3-4 for team events (3/4 Player Ambrose, 4 Person Team Stableford, etc).

Another change is the Competition Grade Template create/edit(see below).  Now much simpler -  first set the number of grades and then add where each grade will start from.

The new competitions interface is also applicable when creating competition templates. 

New Check In Interface

The check in interface has been updated and simplified. The payment status has been further highlighted with the use of colour coded dollar signs. The new check in interface will also allow pre-paid bookings to have the fee applied changed during check in.  Useful to change from 9 to 18 holes or add players in a package


Member Accounts on Mobile

The mobile functionality has been extended to allow members to view their account on mobile.


Share Public Bookings on Social Media

Once a public player has made a public booking they can now share their booking on social media. The booking can be shared on either Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. 


Register Public Players Without an Email Address

Public players can now be registered without an email address. Great for walk-ins but not great if wanting to send future marketing campaigns. Public Bookings with no email address registered will also not receive any booking confirmations as no email address in public player exports.


Export Timesheet to Excel

A great new feature has been added in Timesheet Utiltiies to export the list of players with time, tee and membership details directly to a spreadsheet file.

Select the timesheet then Utilities → Export Timesheet → CSV (Download).

Submit and your browser will download the file. Find the file in your downloads folder and open in your spreadsheet software eg excel.