MiClub training Manual for Tee Time Inventory

If you would like to include your Club and sell tee times via Qantas, please contact our sales representatives in your state - click here for details.

Once your club has agreed to the T&C of QGC tee inventory requirements, MiClub will complete the initial club setup and timesheet structure on the QGI site. Once this has been completed you will be able to manage the tee times in which you make available to QGC members on an ongoing basis.

Selling tee times to QGC is easy once a few categories and booking rules are setup. MiClub staff can assist you in setting this up otherwise please read the instruction guide below. You'll be able to specify by row which times to sell.

There are a few options to consider before setup. They include:

Do you have a fleet of carts that can cover all tee times? 

If so then you can sell tee times with a cart included (this is a setting in the green fee category). If you don't have enough cart coverage then it's best to only see the tee time without carts as there is no integration with the asset management module. 

Do you want to restrict QGC members from booking into times with members and vica versa? If so, let us know and we'll enable this feature which basically will block out rows to members whenever there are QGC members booked in a row and have remaining slots and any remaining slots which have members booked in will be blocked to QGC members. 

Selling Competition Tee times to QGC:

You'll be able to sell competition times to Qantas and restrict their members by gender and GolfLink number requirement via booking rules configuration.

Competition times should be marked as such in the booking rule and it up to the club to enforce a GolfLink number. Please note the golflink number supplied has not been validated at time of booking.

Communication with the QGC member regarding course closure, tee time change etc: 

You will be able to contact the QGC member who has booked at your club via email or phone number. Both of these details will be passed through during the booking and can be retrieved via the edit booking interface of the cell.  The visitor will also get any emails sent from the book reminder function of the teesheet module. 

If bad weather closures the course or there is a need to change tee times, it is the clubs responsibility to contact the QGC member to advise of the interruption of service. 

To view the full QGC setup guide please CLICK HERE 


Row locking will be a initiated at QGC front end booking portal as well so that a tee time can not be taken if a member is in the process of booking a tee time. This will work the other way as well. If a QGC member is in the process of booking an available tee time, a member will get a row is currently locked message if they try to access the same tee time.

Multiple Courses:

I f your club has multiple course availability then to be able to support selling times from all courses to QGC will require setting up specific Booking Rules for each course to identify the correct course to the end user. MiClub staff can assist you in setting this up by following this procedure.