1. Creating a Timesheet Template

2. Apply a Timesheet Template to a Single Event

3. Apply a Timesheet Template to Multiple Events 

4. Creating a Competition

5. Creating a Competition Template

6. Applying a Competition Template

7. Prize Allocation Setup

8. Competition Closing Procedure

9. Leaderboard Setup and Viewing


1. Creating a Timesheet Template

Select the Templates option from the bookings page.


Select Create new template or Edit of a timesheet template


Change the template name, opening time and timesheet status select Configure Event → Details & Opening and complete required information.


To create a new tee block (1st Tee, 10th Tee, etc) select Configure Event --> Manage Groups. 


Select Add to create a new group, enter the group name then Save.  Repeat process for additional groups.


Next add rows (tee times) to them. Select Edit Rows → Add Rows

Complete the following:

  • Start time (first time) 
  • Number of intervals (rows)
  • Interval duration (gap between rows)
  • Row Status (Active, Inactive, Kiosk)
  • Select Group to add rows
  • Create Rows.


Apply row specifics at Edit Rows -> Edit Rows -> Row Details / Rules & Schedules that include 

  • Booking rules 
  • Opening schedules
  • Row Status
  • For members, public and/or visitor
  • or row details (public / visitors allowed)


2. Applying a Timesheet Template to a Single Event

Apply a timesheet template to a single day, select the event in Fixtures/Bookings


Once in the timesheet select Configure Event -> Apply Template.



PLEASE NOTE: Applying a timesheet template over an existing timesheet will remove all bookings.  The event history will remain

Select Apply Template from list


The selected timesheet template will now be applied to the event.

3. Apply a Timesheet Template to Multiple Events 

To bulk load timesheet template to multiple events select Templates in menu bar for Fixtures/Bookings.



Select Apply to Multiple Events  next to the timesheet template you want to apply to multiple events.


Fill in all required parameters such as Days of the week, Time of event, Date range, Gender of event, Items to apply and Booking resource (Booking resource must be Golf Course). These parameters must correlate to events in the fixture list to be applied to those days.

PLEASE NOTE: Before completing the following step please be aware that applying a timesheet template over an existing timesheet which has bookings already made will remove these booking.


Select Apply Template to apply the template selected to the events which correspond to the parameters selected.


The template will now be applied to the selected events.

4. Creating a Competition

From the fixture list select the trophy next to the event you want to create a competition for.



Working from the top of the page to the bottom fill in the required competition details. Once you have completed these details select Submit at the bottom of the page.







The competition can now be found on the competition list page, its status will be ‘Pending’. To open this competition for registrations select Open Competition.


Select OK to the prompt asking whether or not you are sure you want to open the competition. The competition will now be open, players can now be registered, print cards and enter scores.




5. Creating a Competition Template

From the Competition List page select Setup -> Competition Templates.


Select New Template to create a new template or Edit next to a competition template is you are wanting to adjust.


Fill in the required details of the template and select Save Template at the bottom of the page.


The competition template is now setup and ready to be used.


6. Applying a Competition Template

Select the trophy icon on the day that requires a competition to be setup.


Select the competition template to apply from the drop down list at the top of the page and select Load Template to load the template details.

Now that the template details are loaded select Submit at the bottom of the screen to confirm the competition setup.

The competition will now be in the competition list.



7. Prize Allocation Setup

Click here to go the the dedicated Prize Allocation Setup page.


8. Competition Closing Procedure

Before beginning the competition closing process ensure all scorecards have been entered.

The first step in closing the competition is to handicap the players in the competition by selecting Score Upload.


Check the scores being sent to Golflink are correct in the list provided. Once you are happy the information about to be uploaded to Golflink select Upload Scorecards.



The window that will appear provides warnings about the process that is going to occur when handicapping the scores, select Proceed with Upload.


The scores will be uploaded to Golflink and will return you to a reply overview page (this process may take up to 2 minutes to complete). To return to the competitions page select the Competitions button at the top of the page.


If you haven’t already done so, setup the competition prizes by selecting the Prizes option (it is strongly recommended the prize allocations are configured prior to closing the competition).


Make any required changes to the prize allocations and finalise these by selecting Finalise Prize Rules.


Navigate back to the competition list page by selecting Competitions.


Once back on the competitions page the competition can be closed by selecting Close Competition.


In the window that opens select the Close option.


The competition will now have a Closed status and the Results option will now be able to be selected. To view the reports generated select the Results option.



A Full field report is automatically generated. More reports can be produced by selecting the report you want to produce from the drop down box (Presentation Prize Report is a popular report to run) and selecting Create Report.



Select the Open link to view the report.




9. Leaderboard Setup and Viewing

Select the Leaderboard option from the admin tool bar at the top of the screen.


The display settings of the leaderboard should already be configured by a MiClub representative who will configure the leaderboard to scroll at the correct speed with the correct number of player names showing for your clubs TV size.

Under Create/Leaderboard Templates enter in a new leaderboard name (eg. Tuesday Stableford) select the default display and select Add.


The newly created template will now appear in the leaderboard list. To add competitions to the leaderboard template select Create/Edit Leaderboard.


Fill in the required parameters from the configuration window that opens:

  • Choose the date of the event from the drop down list
  • Choose the competition from the following drop down list.
  • If it is graded, click on each grade to display.
  • Complete the other fields if required, eg top number of players, or cut-off score.
  • For singles event you might like to tick show great scores.  This will show Eagles, Albatrosses and Hole in Ones next the players name.
  • Click Add to List.
  • For multiple events to be displayed on the leaderboard repeat process from step 2 until complete.

Add_to_ListOnce the competitions to be displayed on the leaderboard are in the competition list section select Close.



To view the leaderboard select the View option on the leaderboard template.