Each button/image in the toolbar is listed below.

Toolbar Description

Row one


  •  Toggle Full Screen Mode - Changes the webpage to hide everything except for the Toolbars and the Drag and Drop section. This button will then toggle the page back.
  •  Edit HTML Source - Similar to the Code Editor, however, it appears in a popup window. Changes may not appear until 'Update' is clicked.
  •  Bold - Will make any characters you have selected Bold, and any new characters you type in the same line bold.
  •  Italic - Same as Bold, except it will make your font Italicized.
  •  Underline - Same as Bold and Italic, except Underlined
  •  Strike through - Same as Bold, Italic, and Underline, except Crossed Out
  •  Align Left - This will set the current paragraph to be left aligned. Text will start against the left hand side.
  •  Align Center - Same as Align Left, except the paragraph will try to be towards the center.
  •  Align Right - Same as Align Left, except the paragraph will be pushed against the right hand side.
  •  Align Full - Similar to Left align, except sentences will be spread out to fill in the gaps along the right hand side.

Format - This specifies what HTML code you want the editor to use. You can choose paragraph

Font Family - This lets you set the font for any words you select.

Font Size - This lets you select the size of your font. Probably best to rely on Format when you are making headings


Row two


 Paste - Same function as CTRL+V and drag and drop.

 Paste as Plain Text - Toggles the paste option to put in the text without formatting.

 Paste from Word - Special paste option for copying from Word documents as Word documents not always compatible.

 Find - Find or replace text on the page.

 Insert/Remove Bulleted List - Changes the current paragraph into a dot point.

 Insert/Remove Numbered List - Changes the current paragraph into a numbered point.

 Decrease Indent - Decreases padding on the left of the text. Option is unclickable if padding is already zero.

 Increase Indent - Increases padding on the left of the text.

 Undo - Undoes the last action. Able to undo all changes while in Visual Editor Mode.

 Redo - Repeats the last action if it was undone. Making new changes will prevent the redo button from working.

 Insert/Edit Link - Changes the selected text into a hyperlink or edits the selected hyperlink.

 Unlink - Removes the hyperlink, but keeps the text.

 Insert/Edit Anchor - Adds an invisible placemarker to the page. Hyperlinks can then be added to navigate directly to that part of the email.

 Insert/Edit Image - Adds an Image where the cursor is currently situated, and edits current images. Allows custom styling and sizing.

Select Text Color - Change the selected text to the colour showing under the 'A'.Change the colour by clicking the down arrow next to it.

Select Background Color - Highlights the current text. For setting the background of a whole section, use the Table Properties or Table Cell Properties.


Row three


  Insert/Edit Table - Adds a Table onto the page and Edits its style.

  Table Row Properties - Modifies the table row. Most styling will not work unless it is applied to the whole table or an individual cell.

  Table Cell Properties - Modifies the current table Cell. Allows styling including size, and colours.

  Insert Row Before - Adds a new Row before the current cell.

  Insert Row After - Adds a new Row after the current cell.

  Delete Row - Deletes the current row. Will delete the whole table if this is the last row.

  Insert Column Before - Inserts a column to the left of the current cell.

  Insert Column After - Inserts a column to the right of the current cell.

  Delete Column - Deletes the current column. Will delete the whole table if this is the last column.

  Split Merged Table Cells - Will attempt to split cells. This can affect how the table looks dramatically and may be best to insert a row or column.

  Merge Table Cells - Will attempt to merge the current cells. This can affect formatting, and may be best to remove unused rows or columns, or add a new table within a table cell as necessary.

  Remove Formatting - Sets the current text to display without any styling.

  Subscript - Similar to Bold etc, except that the characters appear smaller and below the text. Useful for footnotes[1].

  Superscript - Similar to Subscript, except that the characters appear above the text. Useful with Math equations (x2), and dates (4th of July).

  Insert Special Character - Similar to the character map in Windows. Always best to use superscript or normal characters where possible.

  Insert Horizontal Line - Adds a line onto the page as an image in it's own cell. Set the width and height. Creating a table cell with a coloured background may give more flexibility.

  Document Properties - Allows global modification of the document. May be best to set styles on a cell or table.