1. Creating your first list
  2. Naming your List
  3. Adding a Subscriber
  4. Importing  Subscribers 

Step 1 : Creating your first List

 Lists are what hold subscribers (each unique email address). To create lists, click on the “Lists” tab along the top. Then click the “Add” button at the bottom, or, the “Add New List” on the right.


Step 2 : Naming your Lists

Provide a name for your list. Type in the Company name and Address (this is required and will be added to each Campaign that you send out). Click on the “Add” button, 

*** You can also use previously used addresses by clicking the drop-down right above the “Add” button *** 

 Step 3: Adding a Subscriber

Once added, your new list will be in the system. You can now Add subscribers one by one or Import a group of subscribers into the new list. 

 Step 4: Import Subscribers

To populate your lists with subscribers, you can use three methods: Import directly from a File, Copy & Paste the subscribers, or use an external source. You can Add/Import new subscribers by going to the Subscribers page. Click on the Subscribers tab along the top, then click the “Import” button at the bottom, or “Import Subscribers” button on the right. 


On the Import Subscribers page, choose your file and the lists you want to import into. Then click “Next”.

(Alternatively, you can Copy & Paste your subscribers, or choose an External Service to connect and import from. Please refer to the Importing Subscribers tutorial for a more detailed guide to importing.) 


Once imported, your subscribers will appear under each list that they are a part of: