This function loads members emails from the online user account details to the eNews portal system.

Note: Automatic upload of new or amended members emails occurs nightly (around 8pm) to saved subscriber lists. (this is considered an automatic incremental upload)

Specs: Club must have MiClub eNews Campaign Management Module ( You will need a user account for this site

Access: Staff/Admin user must have some form of admin security role assigned to their account to access the interface.

Location: eNews Integration is located from the Directory menu tab or the eNews icon on the Main admin portal page or from the communications tab in version 4.1+

1.Initial Setup:Create a Mapping to a List.

  • Within eNews interface; create subscriber lists i.e. Male members, Juniors, Complete, etc
  • From the MiClub eNews Integration interface, Map your membership categories to Subscriber Lists by selecting the radio button "By Subscriber List"
  • Now select the Subscriber List from the drop down menu (if none exists please ensure that list have been created and that the correct username and password is applied to the MiClub system settings).
  • Select a Gender from the radio buttons if required
  • Select the membership categories that apply to the eNews list and press the right arrow to add them to the selected table.
  • Once all membership categories have been added to the selected list press the Save button.
  • Press the Refresh button to provide you a listing of the filtered members in that range that you have selected and their email addresses.
  • If this seems correct then you are ready to upload the names and emails to eNews system by pressing the "Upload Subscribers Now" button. Please note that it can take a few minutes for the upload to finish.
  • Finally log into eNews site and check that the list has the desired names and emails of the members retrieved from the MiClub database.

2. Incremental Versus Full Integration:

After you have mapped the users emails to a subscriber list you should prior to any campaigns update the list by either committing an Incremental Upload which picks up any additional emails from the last

upload batch or a full upload which will send all emails within the selected subscriber list again which takes longer to complete. Full upload should only be done initially as the incremental will handle any new emails added to the membership system within MiClub.

Remember that an automatic incremental update is done every night.

3. Use the Audit Logs under the database menu to check that the eNews integration runs nightly.


3. Removing inactive users emails from eNews - click here for details