1. Creating a New Campaign
  2. Choosing a Campaign type
  3. Select which  Mailing Lists you wish to use
  4.  Create or Select your new Campaign Template
  5. Editing your new Campaign Template Content 
  6. Sending your First Campaign

Campaigns can be sent to multiple lists and you can view data on the different campaigns.

NB* Please create your enews in a word document first then copy and paste the information across. We ask you do this so that if your campaign fails to save you haven't lost all your hard work.

Once you have created Lists and imported Subscribers, you are ready to send campaigns! 

Step 1: Creating a  New Campaign

Click on the “Campaigns” tab along the top, and then click the “Create a new Campaign” on the right or the “Create New” button at the bottom.


You now have the option to choose from a number of different campaign types:

Regular Campaign- This is a great campaign type to start with.  This can be used when you want to send a mailing once and do not require any special timing or recurring features.

Recurring Mailing - Choose this campaign type if you want to create a campaign that will keep sending at a specific interval of days.

AutoResponde Campaign - An auto responder is an email that will send out after a specific period of time (after a subscribe subscribes)  This allows you to setup an email to be sent instantly upon subscription, 24 hours later, 3 weeks after that, etc..

Split Testing - This type of campaign allows you to test a number of messages (by sending to a certain percent of your list) and then the software will determine the best message (based on read & link click through rates) and send that winning message to the remainder of the list.

Text Only – Unformatted – no stationery mail

RSS Campaign Create a campaign that will send whenever an RSS feed is updated. Such as having an update send whenever you update your blog.

Step 2 : Choosing a Campaign type

We suggest for simple one-time campaigns, choose “Regular Campaign”. Once your Campaign type has been selected, provide and internal name (this name appears internally – you’ll have the option to provide an email subject later). Click “Next”.

Step 3 : Select which Mailing Lists you wish to use

You will now be asked for the mailing list(s) you wish to send to.  Choose the list that you’d like to send the campaign to. Click “Next”.


 Step 4:  Create or Select your new Campaign Template

The next step lets you choose your Template. Choose from a blank Template (start from scratch), or a stock Template (provided by miclub). All of you templates will appear here (if you create your own templates, they will appear here also). Click “Next”.


Step 5: Editing your new Campaign Template Content 

Once you choose a template (or blank email), you will be able to edit the message contents, as well as Subject, from, and additional email headers:

 Step 6: Sending your First Campaign

When you are ready to save your email message, hit “Next” or “Save” alone the bottom.

After hitting “Next,” you will be on the summary page. Hit “Send Now” to initiate the campaign sending process.