Setup mailing list to organise and group subscribers. 

Lists can be setup for:

  • Specific member category
  • Staff 
  • Targeted newsletter, etc...

addnew1. Add a new list

To add your list click on Lists > Add new list

Enter a list name (this will be used to identify your list) .There are additional options (such as subscription notifications, opt-in mesage settings, etc..) that you can either set now and/or modify at a later time. Once you have completed the details click add. 

 2. Add your subscribers

You are now ready to begin adding subscribers to your list.

If you already have a list of subscribers then the most common way of importing a list of subscribers is by importing a .csv file. You can import name, email address, and any additional subscriber fields contained in your .csv file.

If you have additional subscriber fields to import you must first create those custom fields by going to:

List > Subscriber Fields

You can store these additional subscriber fields in the form of a text field, text box, radio button, dropdown, etc. What you choose depends on what you want to use when you collect new subscribers through your subscription form. 


3. Import your subscribers

When you are ready to begin importing your subscribers go to

Subscribers > Import Subscribers

There are two methods for importing, copy and paste or import from file. The most common is importing from a .csv file so click on Import From File. Browse for the file and then click on Import on the bottom. On the left you will see the first line of each column of your file. Match each column with the subscriber field the column belongs to. Click import and your subscribers will be imported into your list. You can also create new fields as you go if you have not set them up in the previous step.