FAQ : Tee Time Inventory Listing to QGC 

qantasgolflcub.com can list up to 28 days of Tee times. 

QGC bookings to occur even while timesheets up to 28 days times are locked or if you prefer to only allow times to be made available when the timesheet is opened. MiClub support staff will ask you this during the initial setup.  

How are times controlled: By MiClub booking rules and fees. Booking rules need to have the QANTAS icon selected and a fee for the releavant day/time of the week withing QANTAS group

How are Green Fees Controlled: The club administrator has the ability to set and change green fees prices to QGC. Prices are set under the Public Fee area and MiClub staff will setup new categories which can be either 18 Hole, 18 Hole with Cart, 9 hole and 9 Hole with Cart. 

How to Modify Prices from day to day: Admin can change the green fee prices to QGC via the specific tee sheet configuration area.

Special Pricing: You can apply a special price to a teesheet(s) under the configuration area or setup a category for it if the special is run over a longer period. Note: Please ensure that you leave the normal rake rate in the price field as well so that QGC can display a % discount on their interface. 

Cart Hire option: It is recommended that clubs with a fleet of carts that can cover a full days usage should only use the Include cart option.

Cancellations: QGC members will have the ability to cancel their bookings via the QGC website up to 48 hours prior to the reservation time. The club will be notified by email of any cancellations as well. If a QGC requires to cancel a booking within the 48 hour period they will need to contact the QGC support centre and am operator will cancel the booking so that you can re-sell the time. The green fee will not be refund to the member and the club will still receive the green fee minue the commission in these cases. 

Course Closure due to Bad Weather: If the course needs to be closed due to bad weather then it is the clubs responsibility to notify the QGC member as soon as possible that the course is closed. The booking record on the teesheet will have contact details of the QGC member (email and phone) and this should be used to notify the players. You can arrange an alternative time for the player at this time to play at the club as well.

Tee Sheet Integration: Clubs using MiClub timeseheet system will be fully integrated in near real time with the QGC booking portal. This means you can sell times to Qantas, to your members or your own public bookings portal without compromising availability and no chance of double bookings either. 

If you club is not on MiClub, QGC will provide you access to your own online tee sheet system to allow you sell tee times to Qantas via https://qgi.miclub.com.au club central site. This site provides access to the MiClub teesheet system so that you can list and control dedicated Tee times to QGC. Note: Clubs using this system will also receive an email when a booking occurs. 

Handicapping Qantas members: It is expected of clubs to upload scores to Golflink for handicapping purposes when a QGC member with a valid Golflink numbers plays your course and has his or her card signed by a marker either for competition or social times.

Miclub comp management users can either use the Ad Hoc score entry function for submitting social scores for QGC players or setup a social competition to upload many players in one submission. For normal competition events, simply register the players as required (their GolfLink number will be included in the Booking process as well).

How Can I tell if we have QGC bookings? : A QGC booking will place a Qantas Logo against the players name on the teesheet along with a green $ sign to indicate the booking has been paid and the category name i.e. QGC 18 Hole with Cart. Note: the cart icon will not be shown on Qantas bookings as these are not referencing the MiClub cart pool facility. 

There is a report that can be run form the MiClub Booking section which will indicate only Qantas bookings made between a selected date range.

I don't want cross booking of members and QGC members, can the system support this?

For MiClub clients only, Yes there is ... set the property public.and.member.play.allowed to false which will hide rows that are partially booked by members to QGC members and rows that are partially booked by QGC members will be hidden to your club members.