The June release will likely be deployed to all clients by week three in June.

A note will be posted on admin and competition portal advising when deployed.  Recommend after deployment to clear browser history.  MiClub recommends where possible users access sites with Google Chrome.

New Release

  • Pay on Arrival email turn off/on for site
  • Password change in directory - password update button and asterix removed in password cells
  • Email history - Search on date range
  • Help button for access to Knowledgebase of product information and training
  • Business Name field available for Public Bookings
  • Includes voucher and communications software infrastructure(currently beta testing)

Bug Fixes

  • Public Booking  - When admin using public book by cell fee(s) not available to select
  • Multi-Round - Cannot enter winners for near pin or other prizes
  • Reports - Weekly time of day duplicating bookings
  • Order of Merit - Banners not showing on leaderboards
  • Competitions
    • Crossover competitions for pairs events - error screen
    • Multi-tee competition results showing incorrect DSR
  • Bookings - Cart bookings added to wrong cell in group booking
  • Clubhouse Leaderboard - Show tee not working
  • MiScore Card Printing - Incorrect slope/scratch printed on card when male and female cards in same row printed
  • Prizes - Increment of prizes reverses placegetters on results
  • My Playing Partners - Members showing under Guests
  • Mobile - Waitlist button non-responsive
  • Eclectic - Selecting grade leaderboard not displaying
  • Admin Leaderboard - Cannot alter grade separations
  • Email - Booking reminder missing preferred name