The July release will likely be deployed to all clients by week one of July.  The new Online Vouchers and Trigger Marketing modules have been further refined and will be ready for release soon.

A note will be posted on admin and competition portal advising when deployed.  Recommend after deployment to clear browser history.  MiClub recommends where possible users access sites with Google Chrome.

New Release

  • Dynamic Pricing - More details to come
  • Display member number in booking cell - Please request to activate
  • Display Business name in booking cell - Please request to activate
  • Collect Business name for Social Groups and/or Corporate Days - Please request to activate
  • Flag membership category to not have access to Web Site

  • Updated links to new MiClub Help pages
  • Link to share your screen with MiClub Help staff

  • Help tab to quick access MiClub Help

  • Filter Club & Cart Reports by Course/Resource (Multi Course locations)
  • Payment required show amount to be paid on hover
  • All Bookings Report to display home club
  • MiScore Card Scanning optimised - Improved scanning speed and card reading
  • Mark and Copy bookings - Got a group that makes regular bookings then 'Mark' the bookings on a timesheet then select the times on another timesheet and 'Copy' to create a new booking with same details
  • Edit Booking Name of large group
  • Compact View improvements
  • Highlight Cells by member category and/or booking type - great to distinguish member categories that require a payment
  • After selecting Edit Rows will return to the row focus after applying updates
  • Prevent member deleting booking on an open timesheet of day when time has passed

Bug Fixes

  • Wordpress posts not appearing on mobile
  • Prizes report only showing 9 numbers of GOLF Link number
  • Remove 4BBB scores from Mistats
  • Grade display and Handicap calculation on Eclectic
  • Lifestyle Points member search timing out
  • Northstar event link to fixture fix
  • Find Player display alignment issue
  • Move public booking with cart issue
  • Fix sort order by handicap on Handicap Export report
  • Clubhouse Leaderboard not displaying Order of Merit
  • Purging prizes missing some member records
  • Prize report not showing Best Gross
  • Live chat covering old leaderboard link
  • Points balance report not showing members with nil balances
  • Optimise kiosk site performance
  • Optimise competition closing processes and reports
  • New Zealand scores uploads for back nine results
  • Missing home club on visitor participation report

Bugs not yet fixed

  • Multi-round reports not correctly displaying prize allocations
  • MiScore 4BBB card printing at Kiosk - Incorrect Ladies index
  • Multi-Round Foursomes handicaps incorrect after first round
  • MiStats not showing hole 10 on mobile
  • Wait List time selection displaying incorrectly
  • Data missing in Financial Summary Report when forecast selected

We are happy to hear from any user that may encounter a bug or issue on any of the product.  Also feel free to send through any suggestions that you think may improve the system.  All suggestions are compiled and discussed at regular product enhancement meetings.  Our development team are working on a few new major releases for most of 2017 so we will be busy while they are finished, tested and deployed.