The MiClub Lesson diary module is an online coach diary system which enables members of a club to book allocated times for lessons with predetermined coaches.

The diary system only accommodates single bookings. Group bookings should be reserved by the coach.

This is the initial release of the diary and further development is scheduled to incorporate multiple bookings for clinics, support public bookings and the ability to take online payments at time of booking. You’re feedback and recommendations are essential and a should be sent to 


Please contact MiClub on 08 9444 5300 or to enable lesson diary system. There is an additional monthly fee to have lessons module hosted and supported.

Once Lessons Booking is enabled and MiClub have placed menu links within the website for member’s access, it is time to setup the coaches.

You have the ability to add coaches for Golf or Tennis as a root administrator. If you do not have root administration rights, you will not be able to add or edit the online diary. 

Adding Coaches

To “Add a Coach”, click on add coach icon and enter the coaches membership number or name. (The coach must have an online account for the website to be added as an online coach. If one is not assigned, please add a user account via the membership directory section.)

Enter Member ID or name and select the coach from the drop down list • Select type of lesson type (golf or tennis)

Enable the coach to be active or not.

Description of the coach. Can include brief history and expertise

Press “submit” to enter. (You should receive “saved successfully” notice). 

Lesson Descriptions

Click on the lesson description icon

Enter the name of the lesson type i.e. Beginners Class, Pitching and putting in the add description field.

Press the save/add button 

Diary Creation

Click on the name of the coach to enter the diary page. Initially it will be blank with a message

“No lesson have been scheduled in this period.”

Click on “Create Lesson” button

A new page will appear which will create a lesson diary for the current day.

Please enter the common duration (lesson Length) defaulted to 30mins and start and end times of that day.

“Create booking for” from the Monday’s date of the current week to a date selected from calendar is used to duplicate the diary setup and create the diary for every Monday that fits in that range.

Press Submit, and the diary should now be created and shown from Monday of the current week through to Sunday of the current week.


Symbol Definition 




Delete day or make a session unavailable
Right Arrow
Delete day reoccurring or make reoccurring day unavailable
Up Green Arrow
Creates session
enters a session above the first session time of the day
Down Green Arrow
Activate Next Row
adds an additional row after the last session of the day
Green Square
Make booking, slot available
Grey Square
Make active
Make active
Grey Right Arrow
Make active
Make active reoccurring
Down Black Arrow
Setup day
Setup day 

Booked lesson Symbols:

A cell that has been booked will show the name of the person who made the booking and

Contain a magnifying glass which is used to view or edit booking details.

The red cross is there to delete the booking if need be.

Note:  A member who makes a booking will have a reminder/link to that booking placed in their “My Bookings” section of the portal page.

Member view of Diary

A member’s view of the diary will be different to a coaches or administrator view as the only symbols/buttons that will be accessible is the book buttons, a delete booking icon only for bookings they have made and representation of the label “Booked” for other members who have booked lessons. Bookings made under the reserve function will appear with the full label on the booking cell. 

Making a Booking (Staff)

Select a coach

Select the week and day (defaults to current week view)

Click on the green square of the appropriate session time

Enter the member number or name in the add field. Select from the drop down list and press the Add button. The name of the student should now appear in the “Booking in the name of”

Select if a weekly booking is suitable for the same day and time each week of a selected date range from the calendar.

Select the type of lesson from the drop down list (optional)

Select the duration of the lesson (optional, will default to setting)

Enter in the member number or name and tick the box.

Add any comments (optional)

Press the “Confirm” button to finish

Making a Reservation

Select the coach, day and time

Select the length of Booking (hours)

Type in a description for The reserve name, i.e a persons name or a description of the reservation such as Clinic.

Press the Reserve button to finish 

Searching for a lesson

There is a calendar to select a week, once a date is selected press the change date button

There are previous and next week buttons to easily navigate through the diary. 

Making a Booking (Member)

Member must be logged into the clubs website and access the pro lessons menu.

Selection of the coach is performed and the diary for that coach is then displayed

The member selects a cell (square green button) at the time and day they want the lesson

The booking screen is then shown and all is required is the selection of the type of lesson required (optional), the length the lesson (optional defaulted to settings)

Pressing the “confirm” booking button.

The screen will refresh to the diary page and the members name will now appear in the cell they made the booking in. 

Delete a Booking (Member)

A member will see a red cross next to their name in any of their bookings they have made. This is used if they want to cancel a lesson booking.