Account Credits is an added feature available to clients that have installed the XBar point of sale system. 

This process clears the members unspent house credits that remain at the end of the clubs financial year.

Step-by-Step Process

  • Select Invoices icon on main menu (No. 1 in image below)
  • Select Account Credits tab (No. 2)
  • Set Credited and Debited Date Range to the financial year (No. 3)
  • Tick check box Unspent Only (No. 4)
    • To print a report prior to clearing the account credits, select Print icon on main menu (No. 5)
    • Note: to print a report of all member account credits untick the Unspent only check box
    • Print or export the report (No.6)

  • Highlight the member credits listed
    • Select the first member in the list, then select Control A on your keyboard)
  • Select Clear Unspent Credits icon (No.8)

  • Select Yes, to clear unspent credits (No.9)

  • Select Yes, to select a different day (No.10)

  • Select the first day of the new financial year and select the Tick icon

  • The unspent account credits have now been cleared

To print a statement of the cleared account credits in XPos:

  • Select Reports
  • Select Admin
  • Select Voucher Statement
  • Enter report date range
  • Select Print Preview