The September release includes enhancements to timesheet ticketing and a few fixes. There has also been many improvements to the infrastructure and page loads of the system for the pending release of some new modules.

We have been working on ways to better ensure all members have access to the busiest times in the week and also account for different internet connection speeds. 

The two ticketing enhancements are:

  • Members are now restricted to only one open session per login ie no multiple tabs, browsers and device logins
  • 'Lottery' type draw five seconds prior to timesheet opening (optional)

So the only change that members will encounter is for members logged in multiple times.  Please make contact with support to enable the 'lottery' system 

We have also added an on/off button for email reminders by resource.  SO golf booking reminders can go just to golfers and the dinner, function and other resource bookings will not be sent.

A note will be posted on admin and competition portal advising when deployed.  Recommend after deployment to clear browser history.  MiClub recommends where possible users access sites with Google Chrome.

New Release

  • Limit of one session per member
  • Lottery draw for busy timesheets
  • Disable email booking reminders by resource

Here are the screenshots for the new lottery draw

Member is asked to 
'Join Draw'
Member has been 
accepted into draw
Member has been placed in ticket queue, the first 10 members would be moved straight to timesheet
Members' multiple session detected and this login is excluded from draw.  Member will still have access through one session

What's Coming

  • New interface for system email and communications
  • Member export report to include all fields/parameters from member profiles
  • Easily paste the link to a read-only timesheet view to guest pages
  • New reporting tools to create custom reports
  • Scheduling reports to be delivered by email
  • Improvements to GOLF Link number management
  • New timesheet times - Twilight and Evening
  • Matchplay Module


  • Multi-round reports not correctly displaying prize allocations
  • MiScore 4BBB card printing at Kiosk - Incorrect Ladies index
  • Multi-Round Foursomes handicaps incorrect after first round
  • MiStats not showing hole 10 on mobile
  • Wait List time selection displaying incorrectly
  • Data missing in Financial Summary Report when forecast selected
  • Incorrect export of Order of Merit leaderboard
  • Yearly calendar export error
  • Member delete bookings with $0 fees
  • MiScore printing on non-default tees
  • Disable check-in screen for $0 cart fees
  • Public booking by admin sending booking email to wrong address

We are happy to hear from any user that may encounter a bug or issue on any of the product.  Also feel free to send through any suggestions that you think may improve the system.  All suggestions are compiled and discussed at regular product enhancement meetings.  Our development team are working on a few new major releases for most of 2017 so we will be busy while they are finished, tested and deployed.