Exporting a Print List and Separate the Address Column in Excel

Step-by-Step Process

  • Build your Search list criteria
  • Select your required Print List
  • Export this list to Excel using the icon in the top right corner
  • Save as a Microsoft Excel (*.xls) file

  • Open the Excel file
  • Highlight the spreadsheet (Click in the top left cell box between A and 1)
  • Unmerge the cells (Select Merge & Centre)

  • Highlight the address column you wish to separate
  • Select the Data tab
  • Select Text to Columns

  • Select Delimited
  • Select Next

  • Select Comma
  • Select Next

  • Select General
  • Select Finish

  • Select OK

You’re address fields will now be separated, we suggest you review the data (addresses may have extra columns and you may need to tidy some fields) before using.