Exporting a Print List and Separate the Address Column in Excel

Step-by-Step Process

  • Build your Search list criteria
  • Select your required Print List
  • Export this list to Excel using the icon in the top left corner
  • Save as a Microsoft Excel (*.xls) file

  • Open the Excel file
  • Highlight the spreadsheet (Click in the top left cell box between A and 1)
  • Un-merge the cells (Select Merge & Centre)

  • Highlight the address column you wish to separate
  • Select the Data tab
  • Select Text to Columns

  • Select Delimited
  • Select Next

  • Select Comma
  • Select Next

  • Select General
  • Select Finish

  • Select OK

You’re address fields will now be separated, we suggest you review the data (addresses may have extra columns and you may need to tidy some fields) before using.

Where a space is in the column text in place of a comma;