As part of a recent development, any Guest/ Visitor booking made on The National website will require the person making the booking to enter either the guests email address or their phone number (preferably email address).

This will allow further marketing opportunities in the future.

When making a Guest/ Visitor booking as an administrators you have 2 options. The first option is to click on the individual cell and then click "Add Visitor" and the second option is to click on the "Active" button for that row.

Option 1:

Normally you would then enter the Golflink number and then click apply and the booking would be made. However with the new development you will now be prompted to enter an email address or phone number (see below images).

Option 2:

When making the booking this way you will notice there are now boxes for mobile and email. If you do not enter any information in either of these boxes and click "add" you will then be prompted to enter this information.