Display a rolling screen of the upcoming tee times

Quick Process

  1. Select Leaderboards
  2. Select Auto Event
  3. Select Tee Times
  4. Define Parameters
  5. Select View

Step-by-Step Process

Select Leaderboards --> Auto Leaderboards --> Tee TImes

Define Parameters

  • Quantity of booking rows to Display
    Either select to show just enough to fit on screen 6 to 8 or as many on the timesheet to scroll(good for shotguns)

  • Minutes before tee to start displaying
    The next number of minutes to display on the screen eg 30 minutes

  • Tee Reminder Grace Period
    How many minutes in the past to show ie set for 5 minutes for the 10am to show until 10.05am

  • Tee Reminder Duration
    How long to pause until changes to any competition leaderboards

  • Tee Reminders Enabled
    On or Off

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