Note: You cannot change any part of a payment plan that has a transaction scheduled for processing with Ezidebit or other third-party direct debit facility. This transaction must be reconciled before you can proceed to change any part of the Payment Plan. When you change a field within a payment plan all the unpaid payment plan instalments will be recreated. If the Payment Method has been changed on the member's membership profile it will use that for the change when recreating the Payment Plan.

Step-by-Step Process

  • Select Membership tab
  • Select new Payment Method from drop menu

  • Select Account tab
  • Select the Invoice with the payment plan you wish to change
  • Select the Edit icon

  • Select OK to proceed to the invoice window

  • Click on the Edit Payment Plan icon
    • If required, make any changes to the scheduled direct debit dates or amounts

  • Select OK

  • Select Save

The invoice will now appear with the new Payment Method and any other change to the dates or payment plan amounts made during the editing of the invoice.