Tick off all the below to fix and diagnose issues with scanning AutoScore cards. Most probable cause is the scanning software has stopped due to Windows Updates, restart the PC as a first check. If cards are scanning but Booking is not Found or Competition Closed likely cards have printed out of alignment.

It is important that the scanner be regularly cleaned and checked.  Cabling in cupboards should be untangled and all power boards checked for possible overload.

First Checks

  • Restart PC
  • Restart Scanner
  • Restart Google Chrome
  • Check correct site address on Chrome


  • All power cables connected
  • Power at wall
  • Powerboard
  • USB Cable scanner to PC


  • Lid closed on Scanner
  • No foreign objects stuck in scanner ie paper clips, tape, blue tack
  • Laser window is clean and not marked/scratched


  • Internet is connected
  • Software Running - G in bottom right corner near time/date (Green connected/Red scanner not connected)
  • G is scanning
  • P is Printing
  • MC is MiClub Screen Connect


  • Open Windows Updates run any pending updates
  • Check security software is not quarantining scanning software
  • Check PC updates are not running

Driver Software

  • Open Windows Settings
  • Open Device Manager
  • Open menu for Select Ports (COM & LPT) 
  • Right click USB Serial Port (COM?)
  • Select Driver Tab then Update Driver and Search Automatically
  • Close and Restart PC

Card Printing

  • Check cards are printing in alignment
  • 'Player' text should be top left corner of White area
  • Hole information should be centred in rows vertically and horizontally
  • Typically 'Booking Not Found' or 'Competition Closed' are indicators cards not printing in alignment
  • Open Tray 1 on Printer
  • Check that cards are on left of printer and that back and side guides are all square.
  • Ensure cards are not overstacked

  • Adjust Horizontal and Vertical Offset at Competitions --> Setup --> Scorecard Templates

Printing in Alignment

Printing too High

Send Message to MiClub from Computer

  • If not already connect Mouse and Keyboard to computer
  • Select Windows Start button on Keyboard
  • Right Click MC Logo in notifications
  • Select Open
  • Enter message
  • Await contact from MiClub

Contact MiClub

  • Contact or chat with MiClub Help - Golf
  • Advise what PC using by hovering over MC icon in bottom right corner