• Moving bookings resulting original transaction id deleted
  • Re-apply tennis templates issue resolved 
  • First aid menu item missing


  • new Add public registrations count onto admin portal
    When viewing admin portal scolling information now shows public bookings as well as members booked
  • Item remaining in checkout after declined public payment now resolved


  • new Add Audit logs for mobile login
  • new Custom Financial Summary Report
  • Booking Rounds by month count issue with visitor resolved
  • new Custom Booking report by DOB
  • Booking Financial Summary report not including all records now fixed
  • Add member deletions to booking count on reports
  • Add booking event to custom report - bookings financial summary report



  • Last modified date not updated - resolved
  • Grades calculated on percentage of handicap rather than actual handicap - resolved


  • Kiosk score entry issue resolved
  • Round title/date styling issue on member view
  • new Member score entry - Display all names
    Members can now view the names of future rounds if previous round hasn't been finalised ie all games completed 
  • Kiosk Button missing for non-scanning clients
  • new Play next round score entry prior to finalising round
    Scores can now be entered for future matches if previous round not complete
  • new Replace member name for bye round
    Players receiving a bye in first round can now be replaced ie partner in pairing 
  • Close registrations issue where no names would display resolved



  • Recipient count issue fixed where gender filter wasn't being recognised 
  • Preview recipient list issue fixed where cannot view all names
  • Trigger emails not being received now resolved
  • Trigger auto voucher for booking promotion bug not sending to all on the no bookings trigger
  • Add doctype and style block in <head> tag included in email


  • Mobile Accounts payments pages - design improvements
  • Same case membership number display on accounts page for VM accounts view resolved
  • Members Leaderboards display on mobile - hide by competition now available
  • Infotel integration authentication