Select Create Member

Step 1. Create Member

Add all details captured for this member by moving through the Field Sections that have been configured.

Step 2. Do you want to add membership groups

If Yes;

Select Membership Status as at the time of adding the Group i.e Active or Waitlist
Select Approval Status and Approval Required by Date i.e. If a new Member is to be approved by the Board you would select 'Requested' as a status and select a date that this will be decided by i.e. the next Board meeting
Select Start Date and select an End Date if it will be different to the Groups default end date
Select Membership Group/s
Choose Facilities if applicable

Step 3. Create Invoice

Select Invoice Required
Add Invoice Date and Due and Accounting Dates
Invoice will create as per Group Configuration
Invoice Charges will appear as per their configuration i.e. pro rata, GST etc

Save Invoice