Medical Certificate Icon

A new option has been added to the members directory which allows staff to enter when a members medical certificate expires if indeed they have one (Note: The property medical.certificate.enabled must be enabled for this option to appear).

If a value is entered into this field a medical certificate on file icon will appear when a members is booked onto the timesheet.

This icon is visible for admin only unless the property display.member.medical.certificates is enabled.

Windows Service MiScore Software

The Windows service MiScore scanning software has been running on approximately 30 PC's for the last 2 months with good results. This method will be used for all new installation and a roll out process will be undertaken to upgrade all existing PC's to this method. Click here to view upgrade and new installation method. 

Booking Category Restriction

New booking restrictions are being introduced to stop ineligible players from booking other players on the timesheet and waiting list. This enhancement has been developed due to industry feedback on the prevalence of ‘blocker’ bookings being made especially when clubs have scheduled booking access. In the case of scheduled booking rules, the ineligible player will book a group including a player they know will not play on the day. When the time comes that their membership category is allowed to book on the timesheet they will remove the player that was never going to play and book themselves in the now vacant position.


A 6-day member is wanting to book a group of four on a Saturday timesheet which does not include themselves.

Under the new arrangement one of the 7-day members in the group would have to make the booking. The 6-day member does not have playing rights on the Saturday so they will be blocked from booking the group.

Jason is putting together an email out to our clubs regarding this feature as it is a change to the member booking process.

Online Payments Reconciliation Report

A new custom report has been developed to allow clubs to reconcile their green fees which includes the amount of online prepaid green fees as well as the amount of transactions which were sent from the timesheet to POS. This report is currently titled 'Reconciliation by Booking Date' and can be found on the Financials tab Custom Reports.

Fee Setup Security Level

The Fee Management section of the product can now only be accessed by administrators with Root Administrator security rights . Previously, all Booking Administrators had access to this section meaning most proshop staff accounts could access and make changes. This change now ensures only the senior members of staff should have access to Fee Management.

NOTE: Expect some support calls on this item as a number of Golf Operations staff who manage course fees will not have Root Administrator rights.

Clone Course

More details to be provided...Courses area broken on Develop.