View a live tournament feel leaderboard as players enter their hole scores on the MiScore app.  The leaderboards on PC/Mobile devices and Clubhouse TV Leaderboard will update in real time after player scores are entered into the MiScore app. The MiScore app is free to all MiClub clients until Sept 2020, get your club signed up today

Create a buzz with the members to enjoy the live leaderboard so members can track their friends and see if the score they have set holds-on.

Only available for Stroke and Stableford (April 2020) with all other competitions to come in 2020.

Select the Live Scoring option within competition setup.  Can also be set in the Competition Templates to easily have applied to all future created competitions.

If you need to update all your templates and future competitions send an email or chat to MiClub to enable in bulk.

Competition Setup

Live Scoring