Competition Play

  • Valid club membership and registered in the competition of the day 
  • Members guest(visitor) registered in a club competition with GOLF Link number
  • Public Registered player - GOLF Link number associated with competition registration on day


  • iPhone 5s and above
  • iOs 11+ or later installed

Distances to Pin and Map data

  • Location Services enabled
  • Ensure Date and Time are correct in Settings > General > Date & Time

Battery Usage

  • Battery at 75% or more for an 18 hole round
  • Backup battery recommended for older devices
  • To Preserve Battery
    • Close down background Apps
    • Enable Low battery Mode

Data Usage

  • 4G or 5G Mobile data is required to be enabled. The amount of data used can vary especially with the use of the course maps and the amount of rounds played.

See Apple's download app support site for tips with updates:

How to Download PDF for member distribution: