To ensure you complete your round with enough battery life left to submit your scores. We advise to : 

  • Fully charge your device prior to use
  • Close all other applications that are running in the background
  • Try LOW POWER MODE option on your device.
  • Set your device to DO NOT DISTURB during play. 
  • Do NOT attempt to use the app in FLIGHT or AIRPLANE mode as data connection between the clubs golf system is required - even during the round. 
  • If you have a powered motor buggy, check if the unit has a USB charger available to connect up too. 
  • Try a lower setting for the Brightness level in the Apps menu settings. By default it is 80% backlight usage however you can try a lower  % and adjust until you can still visually see the app interface in the sun. 
  • Reduce the usage of the Maps interface within the app. We discourage disabling Locations as a major benefit of the app is receiving distances to the green/pins on the main scoring interface. Separate to Maps use. 
  • Have a read about Battery Health for Apple devices>
  • If you find that your devices battery health is low, you can purchase a back up battery unit which can be attached to your phone to receive additional power during the round. 
  • Leave the screen saver enabled (on by default within the app). This is designed to reduce the backlight brightness when the app is not used after X seconds thus saving battery usage. Simply touching the screen will get you back to the score screen

Apple iPhone helpful tips to reduce battery usage: YouTube Video> 

"Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast? An Apple Tech's 14 iPhone Battery Drain Fixes!"