Generally a network type error in the Miscore App has been unable to establish a connection to the home club web site.

Here's a checklist of what to check

Flight or Airplane mode enabledThis reduces mobile data usage and can be disabled from drop-down screens or in the General settings of the device. It is normally an airplane icon
Mobile data is disabledCheck the device settings. Can be re-enabled from drop-down screens or in General settings. It is normally a radar beacon icon 
Mobile data not enabled for App(s)Check the device settings from with Settings App.  Search for MiScore app from within settings and re-enable the mobile data

Other fixes:

  • If all in the list has been checked then try and open a browser app like Safari, Chrome or Edge and do a google search and/or login to club web site
  • Turning off your device and turn it back on 
  • Check that you have Mobile 4G/5G coverage from your location. If not, try a Wi-Fi connection from the club.

If further assistance is required please contact MiClub help on 08 9444 5300 or email with the details of the club/course you are trying to access and the details you are entering in.