All users are required to create a MiScore App profile once the update is applied. This is different from your club/membership login details. 

  There are four methods available to create a MiScore profile and we recommend using either the Apple, Google or Facebook account signup as you can use pre existing email / touch or face verification or password combination. 

If you select to use Email signup then you will need to enter a new password which is at least 8 Characters in length. 

Also you will need to verify the email by confirming an email that will be sent to you. Once you confirm the email verification link; you can then login entering the email and password combination just created. 

If you forget the password, there is a link on the login page for forgotten passwords. 

Need further assistance? 

Support Ph: 08 9444 5300


A subscription of $16.49 per year may be required depending on the licence your home club has chosen and whether you want use the app at away clubs.  

Download instruction sheet for subscription purchase>

Note: If you are experiencing issues updating the app, try deleting it and then re-installing from the App Store.