Some App users may experience the GPS (distance to green/pin) not functioning after the MiScore upgrade.

Please check your devices 'Locations services' under your Device Settings ensuring that MiScore app is at least set On for 'location while in use'.

To check that, access settings and locate Miscore App - select it to reveal the 'Location setting' If set to 'Never' please change it to at least 'While Using'

Some Samsung users have reported distances to be inaccurate while the device is set On  Power Saving mode. Disable this if possible. Check this link for GPS fixes reported by Samsung users :

Some users, have needed to toggle off and On  'Locations Enabled' button under App settings to resolve the issue as well (as shown below) ...  otherwise check your devices location settings ensuring MiScore locations is enabled for 'always'. 

App Location settings: ensure locations are enabled.