To register for a MiTournament event, first login to your MiTournament profile here:

Once logged in, go to 'Search Tournaments' on your left-hand menu.

Use the search facility to find the tournament you would like to register into. Once found, click 'Register'.

Fill in all fields with the player's details. 

Note: A tournament may have several entry fees available for you to select. Set the fee quantity to 1 to select.

You can add another player by clicking the 'Add Another Player' button.

You can extra information about your registration in the 'Extra Information' box. i.e. Need to play with John Smith.

Once you have added all your players, click 'Proceed'.

Check that the total amount coincides with the player(s) you are registeringNext, type in your credit card details and click the 'Proceed' button.

Note: Please do not refresh or leave the webpage whilst your transaction is processing.

If your transaction was successful, you will be shown a 'Payment Confirmation' page with a reference number. You will also be sent a receipt via email. You can now click the 'Continue' button.

If your transaction was unsuccessful, you will be asked to try again. If issues persist please contact MiClub support on 08 9444 5300.

On the "My Home" section of your profile, you will see your successful tournament registration.

Please note that withdrawals in MiTournament do not trigger an automatic credit card refund. You will need to contact the tournament organiser and have them refund your entry fee.