The latest version of MiScore released March 2021 will have the ability to store social scores in a new user interface labelled 'Score History".

This is accessed via the menu tab. 

Score history will store social and comp scores from the onset of the update onwards only. Previous comp scores can still be accessed via the clubs leaderboards or MiStats for club members. 

The score shown when selected will reveal what you scored for yourself as well as your partner along with the scorecard for both for future reference. 

Note: the score that is applied to the club results/leaderboard may come from the score submitted from your playing partner. It is your responsibility to check the score is correct before they submit it.

Other updates include added courses,  a clear notice message when there is no internet connection established on your device and bug fixes to prevent app crashes. 

Putts Counter and entry support is now available and requires enabling under Settings.

New Menu interface