Change Membership Type and Create New Invoice

Modified on Fri, 03 Aug 2018 at 03:17 PM

Change a member's Membership Type and create a new invoice. In this example the data base Pro Rata feature is enabled.

Step-by-Step Process

  • Search for the member
  • Select Membership tab
  • Select new Membership Type from the Membership Type drop down menu 
    • Select Yes, are you sure you want to change Membership Type

  • Select previous Membership Type from the Expired Type drop down menu
  • Click on the update charges icon (white and green circle arrow, located right of screen)
    • This will update the members default charges to their new Membership Type
  • Select Yes to update charges

  • Select the member's Account (Invoice) tab
  • Select Create invoice icon
    • Set the invoice start and end dates for the period you want to invoice
      • To create a pro rata invoice, ensure you tick the pro rata check box as this will adjust the $ amount for the period being invoiced
    • Enter any notes to describe the reason for the new invoice i.e. Transfer Membership Type from 7 Day to 6 Day
  • Select Create invoice

Note: If the member has paid a full year subscription for their original membership type you may need to create a pro rata Credit Invoice

  • Select the Create Credit Invoice Icon
  • Select Ad-hoc Credit Invoice

  • Set the credit invoice start and end dates for the same period as the invoice
  • Select Membership Type from the drop menu that is to be credited (the members original Membership Type (expired type)
  • Select the Add Charges button
  • From the drop menu select Subscription/Membership Fee 
    • Ensure the Amount entered matches the full year subscription amount for the original Membership Type
  • Select Create

  • The Credit Invoice balance will appear in the members Unapplied Credits, which can then be applied to the invoice
    • Select the invoice you want to apply the Uapplied Credit to
    • Select the Payment button
    • Select Yes
    • Select OK

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