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MiClub Golf - Competitions (11)

Help articles that cover all aspects of competition management including competition types, prize allocations and handicapping

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MiClub Golf - Directory inc GolfLink Management (5)

Help articles for the management of your members and Golflink numbers

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MiClub Golf - Timesheets (Members) (10)

Help articles for members of your club to make and manage their bookings

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MiClub Golf - Timesheets & Fees (Public) (8)

Help articles to help configure your website for Public bookings

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MiClub Golf - Prizes (4)

Help articles to allocate prizes for your member's competitions

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MiClub Golf - Eclectic (3)

Help Articles for creating, maintaining and results for hole by hole Eclectic events

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MiClub Golf - Lifestyle Membership (2)

Help articles regarding the Lifestyle Module enabling members to pay as they play

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MiClub Golf - Vouchers & Trigger Marketing (4)

Help articles detailing the Vouchers Module and use of Promo Codes

General (2)

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MiClub Member Guides (1)

MiClub Member Guides

MiClub Management - MiClub XClub & XClub (8)

XClub is a computer system designed to assist with the management and handling of membership payments. It has full integration with other MiClub and Crossover Technologies’ products (eg. XPos, SwiftPos and XBar) and has advanced search facilities. It has an easy to use invoicing system which can email and has the ability to have multiple companies and separate information accordingly. These support solutions are created for users of XClub Versions 1.0.27 and 2.02+ (MiMembership).

Pace of Play (Add-on Module) (3)

Pace of Play module how-to read live maps, review analytics and setup course