Eclectic - FAQ

Modified on Fri, 15 Jul 2022 at 10:49 AM

Here's a list of commonly asked questions for Eclectic events

Player scores have not updated. Check the following

  • The eclectic has not been selected in each competition
    • Check 'Competitions Included'
    • Re-open competition and tick the eclectic
    • Recalculate Eclectic
  • Competitions are not 'CLOSED'
    • 'CLOSE" competition(s)
    • Recalculate Eclectic
  • Player is not included in Eclectic
    • Check player included in Add Players
    • Recalculate Eclectic - will retrieve scores from all previous rounds
  • Player category has changed and new category is not included in eclectic
    • Check category of member
    • Check category is included in Eclectic setup
    • Recalculate eclectic 

Handicaps are updating after event finished

  • Set eclectic to Inactive
  • Handicaps will not revert back to closing date

Locked Handicaps have updated

  • Event settings have been edited
  • Handicaps will not revert back to initial lock date

Locked handicap is not set to date of lock

  • Lock handicaps will record the handicap at the first qualifying round played
    • ie Player who misses first 4 rounds will have handicapped locked at Round 5


Remove an incorrectly recorded score for player(s)

  • Re-open competition
  • Correct the member hole-by-hole score
  • Close competition
  • Recalculate eclectic

Remove a competition from incorrectly added to the eclectic

  • Re-open competition
  • Untick the eclectic box in the competition
  • Close competition
  • Recalculate eclectic

Can the eclectic continue on a temporary course? Yes the system will only update holes on the course selected for the eclectic.

  • Eclectic setup on GA Course holes 1-18
  • Temporary Course has holes 3 and 4 shortened and named 3S and 4S.  For the duration the competitions use the temporary course all holes except 3 and 4 will update

Can nine hole competitions be used for eclectic? Yes as long as those holes are the holes on the selected eclectic course

What competitions can be included in eclectic? Any competition recording hole-by-hole scores for each player

  • Par
  • Stableford
  • Stroke
  • Aggregate events with a singles card for each player

What competitions cannot be included in eclectic

  • 4BBB events on 4BBB cards ie one score recorded per player
  • Foursomes
  • Ambrose
  • Total score events ie not hole by hole

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