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Modified on Mon, 10 Jul 2023 at 12:55 PM

MiClub Golf Update: July 2023

From Monday July 17th, The administrator leaderboard of the MiClub Competition Management Module will be updated to offer competition administrators a comprehensive overview of the status of score submissions.

The results table will be enhanced with the addition of two new columns: "Signed" and "Scores Compared."

In the "Signed" column, players using the MiScore App will be represented by a mobile icon, while those not using the app will be represented by a scorecard icon. For app users, a red cross will appear in this column upon completion of the scoring round, indicating that scores for each hole have been entered but not yet signed or submitted. Upon signing and submitting their scores, the cross will change to a green tick, indicating that the golf system has received both the player's and partner's signatures. Similarly, for non-app users, once a score has been confirmed/submitted through a kiosk or by administrator score entry, a green tick will appear in the "Signed" column.

The "Scores Compared" column is only applicable only to app users. A red cross in this column signifies that the score comparison check has been bypassed. This bypass occurs under two conditions: a) when the playing partner is not using the MiScore App, or b) when the waiting interface for a complete score check against the playing partner exceeds 30 seconds. This option allows app users to submit scores without undergoing the score check. If the bypass is selected, a confirmation prompt will appear in a pop-up message, as shown below:

This option is necessary as a backup in cases where the playing partner is unable to complete scoring, such as when their battery runs out or they withdraw from the round.

Administrators can validate scores by reviewing them or by following up with players to ensure completion of scoring as required. If necessary, administrators have the ability to change the status of "scores compared" from "not checked" to "checked" (green tick) on the leaderboard.

Note: Currently, this option is exclusively available for single-player competition formats.

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