TeeNet shares tee times between clubs, like a reciprocal arrangement. 

Members book at another club within their own clubs website (Please Note: If payment is required the fees must be paid on arrival at the reciprocal club).

MiClub staff will setup the required technical linkages between the clubs/sites to enable this functionality.

Quick Process

  1. Setup Fees
    1. Fees --> Manage Fees
    2. Select Agents --> Add Fee Group
    3. Create TeeNet group
    4. Select [Add Fee]
      1. Add Name & Description
      2. Course - Leave Blank
      3. Category - Set as Course
      4. POS Code - If linking to POS
      5. Tax Rate - 10% (Australia)
      6. [Save]
    5. Fee Details
      1. Set Date and Time Range
      2. Select Day(s) of week
      3. Select TeeNet in Agent icon
      4. Set Price and optional Special Price and POS
      5. [Save]

Step-by-Step Process




TeeNet Fee


2. Booking Rule Configuration

Once the TeeNet Select fee categories have been configured booking rules need to be setup / adjusted to activate the link between the clubs timesheet and the TeeNet Select program. Please Note: If adding TeeNet Select to an existing booking rule all times that this booking rule is applied to will be available in the TeeNet Select portal.

Navigate to the booking rules area by selecting the Booking Rules option from the admin menu.


To create a booking rule from scratch select the Add Rule option at the bottom of the screen, alternatively to adjust an existing booking rule select the pencil icon next to the booking rule that requires adjustment.


To activate a booking rule for TeeNet Select the TeeNet option must be selected under Booking Client Restrictions.


Once the booking rule has been configured select the Save option at the bottom of the screen to finalise the actions.


3. Booking Rule Application

To make tee times available on TeeNet Select the booking rules need to be applied. The TeeNet booking rules need to be associated with the tee times which are to be activated (Please Note: If existing booking rules were adjusted rather than new booking rules created tee times booking rules will automatically be activated on TeeNet).

Select the rows within a timesheet which are to be advertised on TeeNet Select followed by the List on TeeNet option.


From the Booking Rule drop down list select the applicable TeeNet booking rule that is to be applied followed by List on TeeNet.


The selected timesheet will reload with the previously selected tee times now having the TeeNet booking rule applied.


4. Booking Process (Member)

The home club member can book at the available TeeNet Select clubs by selecting the TeeNet Bookings option in the TeeNet Select window on the My Information page.


Once selected the next page will display the courses which can be booked displaying the applicable rate on each day.


The player selects the course and date in they wish to play by selecting the green fee rate on the day. The booking process following this is very similar to the booking experience at the home club where the player selects Book Group at the time they want to play.


The player then adds their name to the group and selects the applicable green fee which will be paid to the club on arrival and selects Confirm Booking to complete the process.


The player will appear on the timesheet as per a standard golf booking and the club which the member has booked from at will appear on the timesheet with the TeeNet Select icon next to their booking.