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1. Points Bundles
2. Allocating a Bundle to a Member (Administrator)
3. Purchasing a Bundle (Member)
4. Allocating a Member their Initial Points
5. Fee Setup
6. Booking Process
7. Points Account
8. Notifications
9. Reports

10. Membership Categories


1. Points Bundles

Points Bundles are setup so members can top up their points account throughout the year (if allowed) and so administrators can set initial points values for accounts.

Navigation: Bookings → Fees → Points Bundles


To create a Points Bundle select the Create New Bundle option.


The window that opens will allow the bundle to be configured as per its requirements.


Name: Name of the bundle.

Points: The number of points contained in the bundle.

Price: The cost of the bundle.

Expiry Days: The number of days the points in the bundle are active for from the date of purchase/allocation before they expire.

Admin Only: Is the bundle available for members to purchase?

Select the Create option to finalise the setup of the bundle.

The bundle will then appear in the list of bundles. Importantly the fee bundle needs to be made available to the membership category it will apply, this can be done by selecting the person icon on the right hand side of the bundle.


Selecting this option will open a selection window listing all the membership categories, select the membership categories which are able to purchase this bundle. Once the required membership categories are selected choose Update to save the changes.


Repeat this process to setup any additional bundles.


2. Allocating a Bundle to a Member (Administrator)

Allocating a bundle to a member can be done through the members points account which can be found by navigating to Directory → Accounts → Points Accounts.

Allocating_1Search for the member that requires a points bundle to be added to their account either via the surname search option or search more area. Select the member from the results list to access their account.

Select either the New Top Up or New Top Up with Payment option to allocate a bundle. NOTE: Only select New Top Up with Payment option if a payment will be processed at the time the bundle is allocated.


Select the bundle that is to be allocated to the members account from the list followed by Create Top Up to finalise the allocation process.



3. Purchasing a Bundle (Member)

A member who wants to top up their points account will need to login to the website using their normal account details and navigate to the My Information page.

Once on the My Information page there will be a section called My Points Account which will display the current balance of the account as well as have the option to Top Up Points.


Select the Top Up Points option, the member will then be given the option to select which points bundle they would like to purchase. Once the bundle has been selected the member will then select the Pay Now option.


The member will be directed to the payment process where they will be required to enter their payment information such as name and credit card details. Once this transaction has been successfully processed the points bundle selected will be added to the members  account.


4. Allocating a Member their Initial Points

A new member who will be utilising the points based membership will first need to be setup in the clubs membership system as per any other member. The member will integrate across to the MiClub system with all relevant contact details and financial status.

Once the member is in the MiClub system their initial points balance needs to be added to their account, this can be done by navigating to Directory → Accounts → Points Accounts.

Allocating_1Search for the member that requires an initial balance to be added either via the surname search option or search more area. Select the member from the results list to access their account. Once in the members account select the New Transaction option.


Enter relevant values in the fields available:

Transaction Type: Set as 'Issue'.

Amount: The amount of points being allocated.

Effective Date: The date that the points are to be allocated for.

Expiry Date: The date the points will expire.

Description: Set as 'Allocation Membership'.

Initial_2Select Save to finalise the transaction. The initial point allocation will now be on the members account.


5. Fee Setup

The fees are setup in the fee management area which can be accessed by selecting Fees & Limits → Manage Fees from the fixture list page.


In the fee management area select the Member Fees option.


Under the 18 Holes section setup a new fee group called Lifestyle Points by selecting the Add Fee Group option.


Select the arrow next to the fee group name to expand the group, select Add Fee to setup a new fee.


The following screen will ask for the following details of the fee:


Select Save once these fields have been completed.

The following screen which appears after the fee category has been named allows the specifics of the fee to be configured.



After the fee details have been configured the membership categories that the fee will apply to need to be selected in the Apply Fee to Membership Categories section.


Once the fee has been configured to the correct requirements select Save to finalise setup. The new fee that has been setup will now appear in the list of fees under the group it was assigned to.

Fee_Setup_7Repeat this process to configure all required fees.


6. Booking Process

The booking process from both the administrator and member point of view is the same as it always has been. The only change to to the process is the fee associate to the booking will now display during the booking process next to the players name.


A green dollar sign with also appear next to a member who has used points to purchase their tee time indicating they have no additional payments to make on the day of play.


7. Points Account

The member can view their Points Account balance by logging into the website and accessing the My Information page. The My Points Account section will display the current account balance of the account.


The member can also select Transaction History to view all the transactions which have occurred to their account including top ups, redemption's and refunds.


An administrator can also view a members points balance by navigating to Directory → Accounts → Points Accounts.

Allocating_1Search for the member that you want to look up their points balance either via the surname search option or search more area. Select the member from the results list to access their account.



8. Notifications

The system will automatically notify members once they fall below a points threshold (set in consultation with the club) via email, on the My Information page and on the Fixture List.



9. Reports

Reports can be accessed by selecting Directory → Accounts → Account Reports.

Reports_1The available reports and information they contain can be found below:

Points Balance Report: Breakdown of the points allocated, redeemed and subsequent balance of all members on a points based membership.

Points Transaction Report: Provides a report listing all transactions (allocation and redemption) in regards to points.

Time of Day Report: This report details how many points are used on each day and also breaks the usage of points down into the time of day used.

Points Financial Summary Report: This report details all points transactions and then breaks the transactions into the source of the transaction including POS sales, Online sales and Miscellaneous allocations.


10. Membership Categories

To setup a membership category to be a lifestyle category, navigate to System-Membership Categories and Edit the category to make them a lifestyle category.

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