MiScore subscriptions when activated with your app store includes a two week trial period before it auto charges your app stores account for $16.49 per year. 

You can cancel the subscription at any time via the subscription management of your app store. (access manage subscriptions via the MiScore menu) 

If you cancel the subscription at least a day prior to the start of the renewal date (before end of trial period) then the app store should not be charging your account. This will mean that access to scoring at all registered MiScore courses will no longer be available (unless your home club have purchased a club subscription to use at your home club only).

(Above is a screen shot from an Apple App store subscription interface.)

You are able to cancel the subscription at any time however if you haven’t before the end of the two week trial – the App store (Google play or Apple ) will charge your linked account. 


MiScore/ MiClub or the golf club have no ability to refund you directly at this point. 

Apple and Google have refund processes which you’ll need to take up with them specifically but are restrictive (within a couple of days of the payment and require a valid reason ) .. You will need to read the refund request processes in the stores links below:


https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT204084  Apple (iPhone) 


https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2479637?hl=en  Google Play (Android) 


If you decide to cancel the subscription after the initial payment, you will still have access to all registered courses within MiScore until the end of the annual subscription period. It will not auto renew the subscription from this point. 


If you cancel and decide to renew – simply re-subscribe via your managed app store interface so that when it comes to the end of the subscription period, you will auto renew.

App subscriptions are designed to auto renew every year unless specifically cancelled. 

Below is the subscription screen in MiScore which advises about the cancelling of the trial period and auto renewal.