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ENEWS Simple and powerful communications tool

An attractive, professional and engaging ENEWS, designed to reflect your brand, is an effective way to build a stronger connection with your target audience. With drag and drop features, MiClub’s ENEWS can be easily created and customised by an administrator. Our ENEWS solution integrates seamlessly with your member or visitor database.

Still a preferred method of communication for B2C in Australia, email newsletters provides a professional and effective platform to manage communications to your members or customers.


ENEWS module full details and contact to implement on your site - click here 

Quick Process

  1. Communication > Contact Lists
    • Use member categories
    • Import from CSV with First Name, Last Name and Email address
    • Create from individuals in membership
  2. Communication > Triggers
    • Birthday
    • Membership Anniversary
    • Bookings history
  3. Communication > Manage Tags
    • Group members
    • Group categories with tags
  4. Communication > ENEWS > New Email Campaign
    • Email Settings
      • Name of campaign for reporting only
      • Subject - displays on recipient emails
      • From Email - reply that recipients can use
      • From Name - appears in Recipient Inbox
      • Delivery
        • Immediately
        • On Trigger
        • Specify future Date/Time
    • Select Recipients
      • Individuals
      • Communications List
      • Selected Categories
    • Edit Content
      • Drag & Drop Snippets
      • Add Content
      • Copy and Paste as Plain Text only remove all formatting 
      • Upload Images - take note of image sizes ensure images are no greater then 500kb in size
      • Add documents to a link for download
    • Preview & Send
      • Review recipients, email settings and schedule
      • Send Test Email to preview
      • Preview in tablet, mobile and desktop view
    • Save & Send Later or Send Email
  5. ENEWS Dashboard
    • Draft
      • Awaiting edit and review
    • Triggered
      • Awaiting date/time to elapse
    • Pending
      • In process of sending a campaign
    • Sent
      • Review Recipients in a campaign
      • Clone for new campaign
      • View Campaign Report 
  6. Email Credits
    • Remaining xxxxx
    • Will renew to subscription level on anniversary of ENEWS invoicing
      • Can be topped up if within a month of renewal
      • Move to next subscription level if outside of month
        • 5,000 top-up
        • 12,000 
        • 30,000
        • 60,000
        • 90,000
        • 120,000
        • 240,000
      • Contact support@miclub.com.au for pricing/implementation process
  7. New Templates
    • Contact support for pricing/implementation process to setup new template ie specific shop, function etc
  8. Communication > Opt-Outs
    • Recipients can opt-out from emails
    • Admin staff can opt-out email addresses in Communications > Opt-Outs
  9. Communication > Email History
    • Select Communications > Email History to search for a recipient of an email
    • If recipient not receiving ask to check spam and subscriptions folders on their email software
    • Still not being received -send email to support@miclub.com.au with full details of name, email, campaign and date sent

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Communication > Contact Lists

  • Add New List
    • Enter List Name
      • Add Individuals from membership list
      • Add membership categories from all member categories
        Be careful using all that not including Resigned, Deceased, Unfinancial, Public or Visitor categories
      • Create & Apply Filters
        • Date of Birth
        • Employed At
        • Employed Position
        • Join Date
        • Tag etc

    • Import New List

  • Import from CSV with First Name, Last Name and Email address
  • Create from individuals in membership

  • Click on button to Add New List
  • Give the list a name, then select members to be added.  This can be done by individual or groups of members
  • Individuals.  Search and add individual members by name or membership number.  Click on Add.  Each individual is added to the list.  If they don’t have an email address a warning – “no email” will display
  • Groups / Membership Categories – select which member categories you would like on this particular list – you can choose all, all members, all public members, or a specific category / categories.
  • Filter Members
  • You can then make the list more targeted by adding database filters – Date of Birth, gender, handicap, postcode, join date, first aider
  • You can also filter by tags.  Tags are a way of grouping members with custom labels.   i.e. you can create a label for committee members for a particular year, then search for all of the committee members and tag them.  This can be accessed in Communication > Manage Tags.  

Method 2 – Non-members import via a csv file or enter individually

  • Go to Communication > Contact Lists
  • Click on the button - Import List
    • Choose file to import - must be CSV format
    • Click on Upload
    • Name the List
    • Confirm the field mapping is correct - that the first last name and email address fields are mapped correctly. Next.
    • Save

  • Alternatively, click the Add Individual button to enter one at a time.
  • To export non member lists from your current MiClub enews system, ready to import.
  • Login as normal to enews.miclub.com.au
  • Navigate to “Subscribers”
  • Select the Subscriber list you wish to export, ensure active is selected in the second dropdown – scroll to bottom of the page and choose expor
  • Create your enews
  • Navigate to Communication  > Enews
  • This will bring you to your enews dashboard
  • Click on New Email Campaign, fill in the details on the General Settings page, click next.
  • Select the recipients.
  • This can be done by individual, communication list or membership Categories, you may preview the recipient list at this time.
  • Select the Template that you would like to use  (There will be at least one template set up for your club, which will usually include a logo, header image and footer– if you have more than one template, please ensure you have chosen the correct one, as it cannot be changed once chosen).
  • You are now in the Edit Content Phase of the Enews.

Note:  Prior to beginning the content phase of your enews, we recommend that the basic layout / text / images are set up in a word document.  When copy and pasting the text into the enews, it should be filtered through notepad or https://word2cleanhtml.com/ to remove any code that Word has created.

  • To add a section into your enews you can select the style that you require from the snippets on the left and drag and drop them into your template. 
  • There are a number of different snippets on the right hand side, and if you hover over them a short description will show (i.e. 2 column paragraph with button, divider line, text wrap image right, etc)
  • Please ensure that you save your work as you go – the Auto Save Enabled option will not save, but will provide you with a reminder to do so.
  • Adding and Editing Images
  • Drag and drop a snippet with an image into the working document.
  • Hover over the image and click “Edit Image”, you will be prompted with the following box:
  • Click on the link next to Image Source, an image file will open, you can select an image from that file, or upload a new one, by clicking the upload link in the top left hand corner .  You can also manage the folders for the images in this window.
  • Once you have clicked on the upload button a window will open allowing you to navigate to the files on your computer to choose the images to upload, select the image you would like to use and click Open
  • At this stage, you can choose from the filters on the image or to resize, then click upload.
  • Select the image (mark with a tick) you have just uploaded, then click the select option at the bottom of the screen.  If you wish to link the image to a web page at this point, you can do so by entering the url into the box, or if you wish to link to a document / pdf, you can upload the document
  • Have to re upload image?
  • Once happy with click next and go on to preview screen. 
  • Check Summary Settings
  • Send test e-mail (recommended)
  • Preview in different sizes (desktop, Tablet, Phone)
  • Once happy – send email.

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