Order of Merit - Create

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Order of Merit award points based on competition scores

Quick Process

  1. Select {Competitions} --> {Order of Merit}
  2. Select [Create]
  3. Enter Details
    • Name
    • Description
    • Start & Finish Date
    • Display - Yes or No to members
    • Allow Visitor
    • Use best competitions ie Best 3 scores
    • Sponsors Name
    • Upload Sponsor Banner
    • Create
  4. Review list view

Step-by-Step Process

1. Select {Competitions} --> {Order of Merit}

2. Select Create

3. Enter Details
  • Name
    • Will display on leaderboards and reports
  • Description
  • Start & Finish Date
    • Ensure allocations from within date range
  • Display - Yes or No to members
    • Allow members to view from My Information and Leaderboards
  • Allow Visitor
    • Visitors will be allocated points
  • Use best competitions 
    • To select the best scores in a player's allocations
  • Sponsors Name
  • Upload Sponsor Banner
    • Use a low resolution image now bigger than 779 x 120px to display on member view of leaderboard
  • Create

Points Allocation method

Countdown Points
Allocates {Max Points} for top player and then awards {Max Points - (n * Decrement Points)}
to subsequent players.

If 'Average Across Rank' is set to 'Yes' then the points will be averaged
across players with the same rank.

1st  100
2nd  95
3rd= 87.5
3rd= 87.5
5th  80

Manually add points to each player

Allocate the points from Stableford round as Order of Merit points  

1 point per player

2 points per player

Across the Board
Allocate a point(s) to all players in the field


Great Scores
Reward players for good hole scores

Custom Method
Setup a custom method of allocating points similar to the Fedex Cup


Please ensure to scroll to the bottom of the table and press the SAVE ALL button once the desired points allocation has been achieved.
Points can be allocated at any time after a competition has been closed.
You can convert Stroke comps to Stableford or Par equivalent scores as well.

View OOM Leaderboards

Admin view of leaderboards is accesss from the flag icon

Members view of OOM leaderboard form the portal page. The link in the leaderboard accordion on the portal page as per the screen shot below.



Members view from the mobile webapp (activated automatically)

Edit Allocations

Access the Admin area of Order of Merit, select the Comp by press anywhere within the row until it is highlighted. Now press the clipboard icon which is the List Allocations page.



Select the edit button associated with the competition that you want to edit the allocation for.


Edit the allocations and re-save by pressing the save all button.

Delete Allocations / Disable Comps

Sponsor Banner Upload

Sponsor logo’s or competition banners can be loaded and displayed on the website version of the order of merit competition.

Get the banner image ready by sizing it appropriately and saving it on your hard drive.
The banner dimensions should be 120 pixels by 779 pixel width. JPG format is preferable.

Under the Order of Merit administrator screen, select the pencil icon which is used for editing a OOM comp. Select the Choose button which will ask you to locate the image file. Once selected press the upload button and once loaded press the submit button to save.


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