What is a Notification?

Broadcast information to all users quickly and easily. Push messaging makes it easy to send group updates directly to users devices. Messages are displayed similarly to text messages but they open up the app when tapped.


Option 1: Console -> Send a Notification

Option 2: App -> Features -> Send a Notification


Send a New Notification

To send a new notification to all users immediately, select “Send a Notification” from the dashboard.


Enter your Time Zone, Date, Time Title and Text and select save. To queue a notification for future distribution, adjust time zone and select save.



The notification will appear on the users phone as a push notification and will also be visible in the 'Notifications' section of the app.

Notifications can be sent on a range of topics, some of the recommended topics include:

  • Upcoming Events
  • Dining Specials
  • Proshop Specials
  • Course Closures