The App Console is the main dashboard to navigate from to add / edit content, send notifications and manage banners. An administrator username and password is required to access the console.


There are generally two ways to access each option on the console. The first way is by selecting the required section (App, Profiles) at the top of the screen.



The second option to navigate from the console is to select from the tiles in the body of the page which are the commonly used features such as 'Send a Notification'.


The App / Application page contains the following features:

  • Content (add / edit page content)
  • Features (banners, feedback forms, notifications, welcome messages, etc)
  • Design (front end appearance)
  • Menu Items (order in which icons appear)
  • Feedback Results
  • Notifications
  • App Settings
  • Monitor & Stats


The Profiles page contains the following features:

  • Profiles
  • Profile Types
  • Profile Fields
  • Badge Templates
  • Generate Badges
  • Settings
  • Snapshots


To navigate back to the console select the 'Console' option from the top of the page.