Matchplay - Create Event - Stage 1 (Admin)

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Quick Process

1. Navigate to Matchplay Dashboard and select CREATE 

2. Setup criteria for each stage of the Matchplay event and save

Step-by-Step Process

1. Navigate to Matchplay Dashboard and select CREATE 

2. Setup criteria for each stage of the Matchplay event and save

(each section of the page below)


First Round Date
Seeding Method
Score Entry Method
Matchplay Type
Number of Rounds
Number of Holes
Will be displayed on all event details and emailsSelect first round date in selector Male
Random - shuffle for seeds. There is also list order, qualifier, handicap and manual.
Score entry method is to select how the scores will be entered after the rounds. There's overall score e.g. 2up with 1 to play, Hole by Hole Stroke e.g. each player enters their Hole by Hole scores or Hole by Hole result e.g. 1up hole 1, 2 up hole 2, 1up hole 3 etc etc
Lists the status or stage of which the event is up to.
This is the events competition type. Is the Matchplay a scratch event or Scratch Fourball or Stroke event etc
How many players will be participating in the event.
Select from 9, 18, 27 or 36 hole rounds for this event.
Additional information can be added here.


This area will list any restrictions in the Matchplay.

Select EDIT RESTRICTIONS to any additional restrictions to the Matchplay event (if needed)


Select the course(s) for this Matchplay event


Draw Display Type
Start of Extra Holes
Hide Draw From Members
Match Reminders To Be Sent (Days Before)
Kiosk Scoring
Mobile Scoring
Display Contact Information to Members
Options: Traditional Draw or Butterfly DrawIf a match tied on the 18th then the start of their sudden death (extra holes) would be this.Tick this box if you wish to hide the draw from members view.Choose how many days/weeks prior  you would like the reminder sent. (if any)Can scores be entered through the clubs kiosks. Tick for yes or no tick for no.This is the ability to enter score via a mobile device. Tick for yes or no tick for no.This allows members to see their opponents contact details. Tick for yes or no tick for no.

Select SAVE in the top right of the page: 

The Matchplay event has been created. It can be viewed on the Matchplay Dashboard.

The next stage of this Matchplay event is to setup the registration.  

(see other manuals on how to setup registration)

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