MiScore Mobile App Ver1

Landing Page for the app - https://miscore.miclub.com.au/


Apple Store (iPhones) - https://apps.apple.com/au/app/miscore/id1449941839

Google Play - (Androids) - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=au.com.miclub.scoringapp


iOS or Android Mobile Device with 4G/5G access 

Valid Club Membership with an Australian Golf Club using MiClub competition management suite.

Registration into Club competitions with a valid Golflink number. 

Comp Types supported so far are: Stableford, Par, Stroke (Nett/gross/max score)

Once the App is downloaded and open, Add your club and login using your golf membership number and password as per the club website login. 

Select the playing partner in your group who you will be marking for.  Press the continue to scoring button.

In the scoring interface, only apply the gross score as the app will calculate the points automatically. To apply a score you can press the Par value and then use + plus or - minus buttons to get to the required gross score value. Do this for your own score as well. If a player wipes a hole then Press the P button to apply a pickup. To save the scores, simply swipe right to move to the next hole.

Every hole will need a score or a P otherwise score submission will not be allowed. The total score value when pressed will access the scorecard for that player. The Player will always be on top, while the app user (marker) will be below. 

Once you complete scoring for the last hole, swipe right and the Score Submission interface will be shown. You now need to verify both scores with the player and amend any until they correct before both signing the app. 

The score of the player will only be submitted and can only occur if all holes are marked and both player and marker have signed the app. 


Download app from the Apple App store or Google Play Store. 

Ensure Location services is enabled when asked so that GPS will function. 

Ensure allow app permission if asked during installation. 

MiScore App FAQ & Process

How does MiScore work and who can use it? 

MiScoring APP is designed for golfers who play official club competitions in Australia/NZ and who’s Club utilise the MiClub Competition Management module. (www.miclub.com.au)

If you are not sure whether your club is on MiClub, check the App Store for a list of current clubs that support the App or when you access ‘Add Club’ within the app, it will only show supported clubs in the search list.

Initial competition types supported are Stableford, Par and Stroke.

Who are you scoring for? 

There is No change to the process of marking a players score and signing for it as per the Rules of Golf other than you will apply the scores to your device instead of the player’s paper card.  The R&A have approved the app for handicap competitions.


Push Buggy Golfers:

Recommended use of the app is having your mobile device attached to a cradle that’s is connected to your golf buggy handle. This way you don’t have to handle the device and it takes a simple to touch to enter scores and view distance to pins.

Check with your proshop of they stock phone cradles suitable for this use.


Courtesy on the course

Please mute your mobile device while on the course or set it to ‘Do Not disturb’ so that any phone calls or messages received do not interrupt other golfers.


Battery Usage:

We recommend that you charge your device fully prior to play to ensure it will last the entire round or use a backup battery device.

Battery usage is difficult to estimate as it will differ per device and length of play however we have built in a screen saving mode which will make turn the app into ‘Sleep Mode’ after a set period of non use.

Simply touch the devices screen to exit the Sleep mode.  You can modify the timer for the screen saver or disable it completely via the settings options.

While the app is in use, it will bypass the phone lock out therefore logging out/in is not required while in play. Once the round is finished and scores are submitted the normal lockout feature should return.

Internet Access:

As a minimum, you will need Mobile Data Connectivity (preferably 4G/5G) as the app connects to the central competition system to register for scoring and submitting scores.

If loss of connectivity occurs on the course, the scores will be saved on the device until you regain access again. You will need connectivity at the point of submitting the players score to the central leaderboard system.

Data Usage:

Data usage can vary depending on your usage and length of play, whether you are using the distance to Pin Map services and the frequency of play.

MiClub Services or the Golf Club are not responsible for any excess data usage charges that may occur from using the app.

Most data usage would be in the area of the Hole /distance pin interface so if you are concerned in this area then limit its usage.

App Login: Initial users will need to select the Golf Club that you are a member of by selecting the ‘+ Add Club’ then start typing the name of the club and select it from the returned selections. Select ‘Home Club’ to save this as your default club.

The username and password entry page will appear now. Enter your clubs username or membership number and password (similar to logging into the clubs website for example.)

If you are experiencing problems here; check that the login details entered in the App are correct or check that they are still valid on the club website login area as well.

Getting Ready to Score:

Once logged in, press the Scoring button on the bottom of the app.

If you are registered in a competition on the current day then you shall see your name and other registered players on the same flight as you.

If not then this means that you are either not registered in a comp on the current day and will need to see the proshop staff to register you in the days comp.

If you see your name but not others, then this means your playing partners have not registered yet or are on another Tee time. You can use the select players search function in this case.

Check Your Handicap:

Below your name will be the Daily (Playing) Handicap that you will be playing off for the Tee block/Course you are registered on.

If you believe this is not correct then advise the Proshop staff or event organiser before commencing.

On The Tee:

Once you have worked out whom you’ll be scoring for then select their name.

You are only able to score for one other player. 

By default the Tee you booked on will be enabled as the starting hole however if you are starting on a different hole then Select the Starting Hole drop down and scroll until the hole you are starting on appears and is highlighted – then press Ok.

Now that you have both yourself and your playing partner selected and the correct starting hole; it is time to commence to the scoring screen by pressing the button on the bottom “Continue to Scoring”.

Digital Scoring:

Check that the starting hole is correct and your playing partner is too! If not then select the ‘back’ link in the top left hand corner to return to the player selection interface.

Tip: To view their full scorecard with Pars/indexes - press the score box button.

Note: Only enter the gross score … the app will work out the points automatically! i.e. Ian holes out in 5 for two points. Mark the score in the app as a ‘5’ 

Score entry must be completed for every hole in order to submit even if a player wipes a hole a pickup ‘P’ must be applied as the hole score. 

Markers scores – as the app user, you cannot submit your own scores however the app requires you to enter your own score so that you can cross-reference the score with your marker.

Tip: Press the Par value box which will apply the value to the score as a short cut to from pressing the + button.

Distance to PIN/Green:

Note: location services will be enabled for this App on your device by default in order for distance to Pin to work.  We recommended you keep this enabled in order to retrieve distance information.

On the right hand corner of the Hole score entry interface is a distance to the Pin.

Tip 4:You can access the large scale distance to pin interface by selecting the distance button. This will provide distance from the players current device location through to the green.

A Google Map of the hole/Green will be displayed too. You can select a point on the map to check distances for examples to fairway bunkers.

To return to the scoring interface simply swipe right or select the <Back link.

#Actual Pin positions are used as the course superintendents are marking the actual Pin positions with the app when moving the hole. (Not applicable to PGN or Wembley GC members - distance is to middle of the green)

You may notice that map details are not always up-to-date. The App uses Google Map satellites  although these images update regularly, you typically won't see live changes, and there may be a lag of up to a year between the satellite image you see on your screen and the the way course looks in real life. There is no way for us to predict when fresh course images will be updated as well.

Index references:

The hole indexes are referenced to the players type (plus marker / gender and tee block association) 

Lets say you are marking a plus Hcap golfer - you'll find that their scorecard will reference any + marker indexes if applied in the course setup in the backend. Same applies if a male gofler is marking a female golfer, their scorecard in the app will refer to their index ratings

Score Submission / Signing for Scores

On the last hole of the round, once both scores are entered – swipe right to access the score submission interface. The total Nett results will be displayed for the Player and marker. If there are any missing scores then follow the interface, which will refer to the missing value(s) on a hole(s). Update as required and continue to submit scores again.

As per the usual process, the marker shall get the player to check the scores against their referenced scores to ensure the correct hole by holes gross scores are all entered.

Once this if finalised the Player and Marker shall sign the App in accordance to the rules of golf. Once both signatures are applied in the app the players score can now be submitted to the Competition leaderboard.

The user will get a confirmation that the competition management system has received the scores. This completes the process.

If there is a discrepancy in the score after it has been submitted, it should be pointed out with the event organiser or the proshop staff immediately.

Tip! If your playing partner is not using the App, then they will still need to submit your paper scorecard that they marked (signed in the normal fashion) back to the club.

Time Per Hole Reference: 

If the club has entered estimated hole times then this will appear in the app while you are playing. You will get time reference on whether you are on time, behind(-) or ahead in play once you enter a score with reference to your booked start time and the estimated time it takes to play the hole. Once you have entered a score on a hole, the time reference will automatically start off on the next hole. 

If a club doesn't have time per hole applied under the course setup then a total round time counter will be displayed>Note: the round time is from the booked in time or when the player is registered in the comp when the event is a walk in competition type.

Visitor access: 

Non-member or guests playing a competition at a club can use the app by selecting the course then logging in with their Golflink number (10 digit#) and a club supplied password as set in the MiClub system config.


Menu Options:

    GA HandicapCheck GA Handicap by accessing menu in top right corner of app and selecting ‘Handicap’ button. This will re-direct you to Golf Australia site which will you need to be a registered user to access as well.

    Local rules: can be referenced on the app by accessing the Menu button. Content is obtained from the Local rules page from the clubs MiClub system.

    Rules of Golf – Link to R&A site for current listing of 2019 Rules

    Feedback- Submit feedback on the miscore the app.

    MiStats - Statistical round & hole info for each course have played

    Leaderboards -  Live leaderboards of submitted scores

    Notifications - Coming Soon (Club officials send notifications to participants eg. weather warning)

Live Scoring:

Enable the live scoring option in the setup/edit of competitions/templates.

Player hole-by-holes scores will appear when submitted after every hole on live leaderboards.

Updates & Support:

Updates will automatically be applied when the app is restarted.

Please check your devices user guide on how to restart an Application as it can differ between models and brands.

For assistance with installation email support@miclub.com.au or call 08 9444 5300

If error with logging in occurs due to Network securestore error on an android device then attempt this fix.

1. Open settings

2. Click on Apps

3. Search for Miscore

4. Click on Miscore

5. Click on the item that says storage.

6. Press clear data, and clear cache.

Additional Info:

A copy of the marker and players signatures applied in the app will be stored against the players booking record for reference for the club/comp administrators. Staff can select the players booking record (select edit scorecard then press the link 'Display Miscore App Submission'. A timestamp of when the score was submitted and a copy of the markers hole by hole gross scores applied to their app as well. (sample of the interface off the players booking record is shown:

If re-submission of a score is required there is no ability to re-submit via the app and notification to the event official must be made to rectify. This must be done prior to the competition is closed as the system will not accept and scores from the app once event is closed.

Club/Comp Administrator Info:

The app course details are directly integrated with the MiClub Course management module. Any amendment in this area such as temporary holes allocations or indexes/distances will flow through to the app user. Also local rules can change on a day by day scenario which will be represented in the app as well.