Beta Release of MiScore Mobile App Ver1.1.1


iOS or Android Mobile Device with 4G access 

Valid Club Membership with a Club using MiClub competition management suite.

Registration into Club competitions with a valid Golflink number. 

Comp Types supported so far are: Stableford, Par, Stroke (Nett/gross/max score)

Once App is downloaded and open, Add your club and login using your membership number and password as per the website login. 

Now select the starting hole if it's anything other than the 1st Tee. 

Then select the playing partner in your group who you will be marking for. Ensure you keep yourself selected as you will also be entering your own scores as a reference. Press the continue to scoring button.

In the scoring interface, only apply the gross score as the app will calculate the points automatically. To apply a score you can  press the Par value and then use + plus or - minus buttons to get to the required gross score value. Do this for your own score as well. If a player wipes a hole then Press the P button to apply a pickup. To save the scores, simply swipe right to move to the next hole.

Every hole will need a score or a P otherwise score submission will not be allowed. The total score value (next to the pencil icon) when pressed will access the scorecard for that player.

Once you complete scoring for the last hole, swipe right and the Score Submission interface will be shown. You now need to verify both scores with the player and amend any until they correct before both signing the app. 

The score of the player will only be submitted and can only occur if all holes are marked and both player and marker have signed the app. 

Download QUICK User Guide Here