MiScore App - How to Score Competitions

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Competition scoring in MiScore App has never been easier and most competition types are available for scoring.

Stroke or Nett (less handicap)Foursomes
GrossCanadian or American Foursomes
Pro-Stroke (+/- over Nett per hole)In-Conjunction with SinglesIn-Conjunction with Singles
Modified StablefordCombinedTeam Stableford (Best Score)
Par PlusSplit SixesIrish Stableford (Best 2, 3 or 4)


Team Stroke

MiScore App is an official method of competition scoring and social play at golf venues using MiClub software in Australia.

Please read Official Notice from R & A and Golf Australia:

*Competition Score in MiScore App is only available for use at clubs and courses using MiClub Golf software. 

Here's a list of all clubs using MiScore App for competition scoring 

For more information on MiScore App and MiClub Golf at your club.

Quick Guide

  1. Download MiScore App on your mobile from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Open MiScore App and register then search and add your golf club or course
  3. Select Member Login and enter your username and password from your club web site, you may be prompted to subscribe to MiScore App if not already done so.
  4. Tap Score Competition to start scoring if you are registered in a competition.
  5. Change your starting hole if different to MiScore App and select playing partner to score tap Continue to Scoring
  6. Just like a scorecard please enter gross scores for yourself and your partner on each hole, tap the hole Par to quickly add the par of the hole and + or - buttons.
  7. Tap the distance in metres in top right to open an aerial view of the hole, tap on the screen to see how far to hit over bunkers, to front of green or how far to hit.
  8. Swipe left to go to next hole or swipe right to go back to previous holes.
  9. Once played last hole swipe to Score Comparison and/or Score Submission to check scores match your playing partner.
  10. Once scores confirmed correct sadd your signature and excahnge the device with your playing partner for their signature. Tap Clear or Undo to start again. 
  11. Tap Confirm Score to submit your score to the leaderboard if Self Score Submission or send your Partner Score if Parner Score Submission. The other score not sent to the leaderboard is sent to the club for cross-checking.
  12. A score is successfully submitted when a Green Tick with your round time appears.

Step by Step Guide

1. Download MiScore on your Mobile

Open the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices) and type "miscore" in the search field. Tap MiScore to view the app page then tap "Install" or "Get" to download the app. You may need to enter your Apple ID and password to complete the app download.

When the download has finished tap the "Open" button. The MiScore app will launch and you can proceed to use the app. The MiScore app icon will be saved to your mobile device's home screen to launch the MiScore in the future.

*Click on either badge below to begin your download!

2. Add your club and login

Tap the "+" Add Club icon and type your golf club or course's name into the search field. Tap your club to select it. Then login with your member username and password. If you are unsure what your member username or password is you can go to your club's website to recover login details or contact your club directly for assistance.

If you are a visitor playing in a competition you will press Comp Guest and the app will find you on the timesheet. No login 

3. Confirm starting hole and playing partner

You must be already registered in a club competition to score with the MiScore App. If you are registered, tap "SCORING" to begin. Confirm your starting hole using the drop down menu. Tap the name of the playing partner that you are scoring for. You will be entering scores for a playing partner in your group and yourself. Tap "CONTINUE TO SCORING" to proceed to score entry.

Currently you can only score for a player partner and yourself according to the current rules of golf. However, in later versions of MiScore this may change subject to the approval of your club or course.

4. Score entry

Enter each player's gross score for each hole using the "P" (for pick-up), "PAR",  "+", and "-" buttons. Adjust the gross score as required then swipe across to proceed to the next hole. If you need to amend a score you can always swipe back to a previous hole. Make sure you enter a score for every hole!

Tapping the "SCORE" value will display your total scorecard with all entries from the round. This is a great feature for checking your scores.

GPS distance
The "TO PIN" or "TO MID" value represents the distance in metres from the pin or middle green in relation to your current position (GPS). If you tap on this value it will take you to an interactive GPS map that visually shows you distances on the fairway with surrounding hazards.

Pace of play

In the top left of the score entry screen there is a helpful pace of play countdown timer that shows you the time you have remaining on each hole. This time can also show how long you have spent on each hole, depending on how your home club has configured the competition. 

5. Check and submit your scores

Check the final scores for your playing partner and yourself. If the totals do not seem correct tap the "NAME" or the "TOTAL" score to view the scorecard. Make sure a score is entered for every hole, otherwise you will not be able to complete the score submission! The score sent to the back end for processing will be your score. 

If you and your marker both agree on the scores, sign the screen using your finger in the space provided. Tap "Clear" or "Undo" to erase the previous signature and sign again. Ask your playing partner to sign their name once they have confirmed the score as well. 

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