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Dual display of Live Map and Timeline to track group progress during competition rounds. 'Live' map is typically +6 minutes from most recent data transmissions. Devices automatically send data every six minutes or on swipe to next hole. The delay is to preserve battery life on devices. 

Accuracy of location data is heavily dependent on device usage while playing and scoring. Tips on improving quality of data can be found here

Group Identifier

Groups identified by row number designated by order of rows on booking timesheets ie

  1. 1st row
  2. 2nd row
  3. 3rd row

Options for User

  • Find a Member
  • Courses typically 18 Hole or 9 Hole Courses
  • Select Group icons in Live Map or Timelines for group details 
  • Move Timeline clock
  • Fast Forward, Pause or Rewind Timeline
  • Change Date or Revert to Today
  • Send Notifications (Today view only)

Live Map - Google Maps display of course with group tracking

Timeline - 2D tracking of groups through progression of play eg 1 to 18, 10 to 18 and 1 to 9 etc

Legend - Group Marker icons are colour coded to identify slow/fast groups (customisable)

Group Icon Selection

Select Group Icon in Live Map or Timeline

  • Start tee and Time 
  • Completion Time if scores submitted
  • Players in Group with handicaps
  • Par Time - Expected time for round completion, adjustable by hole in Systems > Courses > Tee Marker
  • Time Played - Elapsed time of round calculated from booking row time
  • Time Left - Time Played + Sum of Par Time of remaining holes
  • Time Variance - Ahead (-) or Behind (+) Par Time
  • Distance left on hole - Remaining distance of hole being played
  • Distance Behind - Distance from Par Time on course, only displays when behind not ahead of time
  • Playing Order - Order of holes being played 1 > 18 or 10 > 18 then 1 > 9


  • Some group icons have grey colour?

    Grey coloured icon indicates no recent location data has been transmitted from the group and the location is being estimated. Ask players to enable location services and use screensaver not phone lock

  • Why does a group stop showing in the timeline altogether?

    The triangulated estimation of the players in the group is outside the hole parameters(geo-fence) making it difficult to determine exact location.  MiClub staff can review hole geo-fencing to better locate position of group. 

  • What does it mean when a group skips back to the previous hole?

    All players in the group may not be in the geo-fence of the hole and then have returned. ie. All players and buggies have left buggy at next tee before putting out

  • Why can a group be seen going backwards on a hole?

    The calculation of triangulated central position will adjust if players are coming in and out of geo-fence, typically when searching and playing shots from other holes or walking back to tees/greens.

  • Can the Group Marker Legend colours be changed?

    Yes, the Pace of Play implementation team within MiClub support team can assist to change timings and colours.

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