MiScore App Ambrose Scoring

Modified on Fri, 02 Apr 2021 at 12:53 PM

Ambrose scoring is now available in competition scoring for all clubs using the MiScore App and includes a range of features

  • Support for 2 person or 4 person Ambrose formats
  • Live Scoring via website and within the MiScore App
  • Team name based on scorer

Once registered in the competition on the timesheet players opening the app will confirm the player that will be scoring for the team and select their starting hole.

  • The player in the first cell of the timesheet will become the "Team Captain" and as such in the App will be referred to as "Team <Player A Surname>"
  • The team handicap will be displayed on this screen (in this example, players with handicaps of 7,6,15,20 become a team handicap of 6)

Any player in the row of 4 players can score for the team and the scores will automatically be transferred to the first player in the cell.

The usual scoring interface will appear and players will still have access to all the features MiScore offers

  • GPS distance to green/pin functionality
  • Running Score Total
  • Pace of Play timer

Please note: In an Ambrose format scoring a "Pick up" will result in a DQ scored for your team


On completion of scoring, before submission the team scorer will be asked to confirm the gross scores for the team and an enlarged signature box will appear for multiple signatures

  • The front 9 and back 9 gross scores will appear and the Nett score will appear in the blue box on the right (gross 31 + 36 - 6 team handicap = 61)

Notes for competition administrators:

  • In a 2 Player Ambrose format players 1/2 will not mark players 3/4 - only their only scorecard.
  • Team is expected to produce more than one signature on score submission screen

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